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Originally Posted by rak rua View Post
What do you think the bodyguards for Trump and Johnson were protecting, their egos?
They think people actually give a $h!t about them.
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rak rua (05-30-2020)
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Chuck usually had a bodyguard with him. one guy who stayed about 7 or 8 feet away and watched the crowd. I think he mostly just made sure no idiot could run up and jump on Chuck trying to prove he was a bad azz. Chuck didnt need a bodyguard but probably some thing done so someone wouldnt blind side him or act stupid. thing with Chuck is he is so easy going you just wanted to hang out and chat.
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The drug dealers probably did more for boat racing than the celebrities.
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Sounds like Don is a Johnson.........
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I was also at 1989 Trumps Castle event. My friend who was down there with our team was walking down the hall of the hotel, now he was a real threat to Dick Johnson and his entourage he was 5'10" about 135 lbs and for no reason one of the a--hole body guards shoved him right into a wall of the hallway. Apparently Dick Johnson needed the whole hallway what a douchebag
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I have the entire five seasons on DVD, came in a boxed set. Would have loved it even more on ultra Blu Ray. Boats, babes and music..
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Default D.J.; Women, Music & Boats.

Don Johnson would have traded all the fame from the Miami Vice series for being able to have had a music career instead. Throughout his time in the '70s in Hollywood he spent most of it in the music scene, and only struggled with acting for paychecks and potential stardom. His true loves have always been women, music, boats, and in that order.

This scene with Don & Ritchie Powers is classic.

Two telling interviews from 1986; by Barbara Walters on TV and one by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Rolling Stone Magazine article:

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Sly, Kurt Russel and Don Johnson get some challenges.

In 1988 the late gentleman Tom Gentry gives D.J. a shot at the Key West World Offshore Championships in the famous Team Scarab 46, Gentry Turbo Eagle. Wellcraft leased the Gentry Turbo Eagle from Tom Gentry and put Don Johnson, Bill Sirois and Gus Anastasi onboard as crew.

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I hope he does not want to bring back the mullet - pure white zoot suits and leather penny lofer shoes with no socks. He was a horrible actor and the only reason he made it was of women by the groves were the draw. Ill give him credit there thou. It was cool he was into boats but that was kind of thing back then anyways. Even heshe Bruce Jenner raced boats back then.
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