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How can this sport grow?

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Your 100% right about some FAT cats making money off us.

I think we should start OSO racing and it will be FREE

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Default Re: Show Biz Kids Makin' Movies OF Themselves...

Originally posted by Ruben Bermudez
HERE's a good idea.

If your objective is to be on the boob tube,
go into show bidness.

In my best Beavis & Butthead impression: "He said BOOB! ha! ha! ha!"
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The one thing i think we are doing now is just pointing out the problems with the current, it is a place to start but that poor old horse is in the glue factory. i will say it has been a great thread, and probably the most ive participated in.

This is a great think tank(OSO) without a doubt,and im sure some of lukers of the board read and hear what the masses say in a open forum, while i perfer the casual fun joking approach to most things. i enjoy the great debates and all opinions.

Mike , nothing is Free ask OSO.
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Enjoy the show
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Pete, I'm done too. This horse has been well beaten. I'm glad that this didn't turn into an APBA vs SBI thread because that was not the intention.

I also hope the thoughts shared here do not fall upon deaf ears. There are many very productive ideas that have merit.

Good luck in Key West!!!!!!
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Here's a question.

I've seen several older racing videos, (one was broadcasted on CBS wideworld of sports) and it seemed like there was 3 times as many boats as there are now.
The question is , what was there formula back then ? Why so many boats, big names too Don Johnson, Chuck Norris..etc. And to be broadcasted on CBS wide world of sports means that it is a big thing. Those of you that raced back in the day, where there the same issues that there are now ? If not then eliminate the cause of the issues . I know, easier said than done.

Someone in an earlier thread mention the price of the 114octane gas as $5.00 a gallon. Well thats pretty cheap , the last time I bought a 55 gallon drum of C-114 , I think it cost me $375.
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Enjoy the show
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That must have been a world championship race from Key West.

The second race from Key West used to get on a major network.
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Originally posted by Ron P
You know it kind of bothers me that all the local people that put a race together do it for free as a volunteer and yet the santioning body is making a profit. How is that right? I must be stupid.

I wonder, how important is a purse to the racers? A divisional race usually has a 25K purse which means about $1000 to the winners. If we don't get a purse sponsor, will the racers still come to run for a trophy and no money?
That's why we only do divisional races in the GLSCS. The money from registration goes back to the sponsoring club - the same people who went out and did all the work and found all the sponsors.
We been told in the GLSCS by the racers, they would not just race for a trophy.
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Let's talk about "progress"...........................

1976.............I tow a Mercury/Molinari to Valleyfield, Quebec for a race. I own neither the boat nor the motor (nor spare parts).....My hardware is fully sponsored. We are met at 3:00 AM by a "greeter" who personally shows us to our hotel....The town is alive with true fans....who have been alerted of the event by the media...primarily television Ruben.

First stop next morning...register and pickup a check for APPEARANCE MONEY........ Race two days that weekend and at intermission the Canadian version of the Blue Angels gives an Airshow....unfortunately they have an accident but that's another story.

There are over 150 total boats (Inboard and OPC divisions).

After the race we collect winnings in cash............not mailed and no checks.

We then went home...richer for the experience in many ways.

The point?

Compare that to the current wonderfulness. If there were fewer simpler classes that didn't allow mega cash to dominate (it will always back winners but does not need to be 100 laps ahead), then more people cpould understand it....and become fans. Fans need to view a sport and comprehend it and its participants to gain enthusiasm. In offshore the ONLY way that can happen is through TV and not a one boat "feature"...To paraphrase...."It's about the racing stupid!"

Ruben, God Bless you if you think that paying $500, 000+ per year is in any way related to a being a competitive racing sportsman..........or perhaps you are not , in fact, the guy paying the bills?

T2x............ Continuing to watch the wheel being re-invented....badly

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In the mid 80's we moved to Ft Myers and my wife worked for the marketing firm who handled the Ft Myers race. The local cities really backed the event because it extended the "season" into May which was typically a slow month. They made a week long event with a boat parade, enteratinment in the dry pits and an overall carnaval atmosphere. You could watch from the beaches or from charter boats in the middle of the course. You also had celebrities like Johnson and Norris flying in to drive the big boats. To be successful the events need to be run as a business. Sponsors must get their moneys worth and fans must have a good time.
By setting up a spectator area with a large monitor, like those used in other sporting events and listing a leader board the race would be more understandable. How can anyone tell who is leading a NASCAR race without one? The dry pits are the gold mine. Having some exotic hardware and feeling the docks rumble when the motors light will get more people hooked. Offering or charging for rides would help manufacturers sell a lot of boats.
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Default The Church Of Whats Happenin' NOW...


The good ol' days were great.

Teevee, in its current incarnation,
does nothing for offshore
but bring bills to the sanctioning body for the coverage.

Wanna see more boats?

Bigger payouts. Cash is a good idea, thanks.

Put the money back in the hands of the people

Or bring your ol' Molinari out to the races...
we'll run the tunnels with the cats and the vees,
handicapped for water conditions.

RB- watching the checks get cashed by folks who'd obviously rather be covering Tiger Woods and his little white balls,
but lack the connections to land a network gig...
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