The shot !!!

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Default The shot !!!

Who is getting the shot? I am 59 years old in average shape. I had covid along with my wife and 2 kids 2 months ago. We all recovered just fine. I am getting the shot when its my turn.
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12-25-2020, 06:43 PM
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I was born in Czechoslovakia and my parents escaped communism when I was 10.
All the things my parents gave up and had to endure to get here LEGALLY was rough and tough on me and my brother including living in Germany as refugees.

These spoiled little Democrat fu ckers who want Bernie or Biden or AOC have no idea what they coul dbe in for .
Been there done that and had to give up everything to escape it .
Government overreach is a slippery slope and Democrats and communist have A LOT in common and it makes me sick.
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Why would you get the shot if you already had it? Statistically, arent you more likely to have side effects from the vaccine than get Covid again?
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Definitely NOT...ever. Did you see 'World War Z'? Or 'I am Legend'? This is how it all starts.
I got Covid and recovered...wasn't a fun experience, but no way would I get this "vaccine".
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Not getting the vaccine and definitely wouldn't get it if I already had the virus (meaning that I have the antibodies)
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Hell no. My whole family got it in September, it wasnt even as bad as the flu for us. Im not and have never been worried about a virus with a 99.7%+ recovery rate.
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I'd rather get Covid for real than risk taking a vaccine that we don't know the long term side effects for.
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Last time i got a shot (had to, boot camp) they had a paint sprayer looking thing with a ball on the end, it had a teeny tiny hole in it and the juice was pressurized so the stream piecred the skin and boom you got god knows what kinda cocktail.

never forget it, next day after breakfast we where all sick and puking on the grinder (parking lot).
The seagulls (who you had to salute) where eating food out of the puke causing more puking because it was so gross.

one of the best times of my life, amazing how just getting down in push up position makes you understand the right way to do it,
but, too late keep pushing

had my fill of shots, i'll pass, beautiful thing about america having a personal choice
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Phuck no.

Bill gates thinks we shouldn’t have a choice or a right not to get the “vaccine”. Senator palpatine hard at work. Shouldn’t be long before the real darth sidious comes out
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Not getting the vaccine, Fv k that
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Fuk yeah, when I'm eligible.
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