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They caught the guy that killed DanL!!!!!!

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...............still praying..............
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T2x Thanks, well said. good thoughts for all involved.
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Default Hit and run newspaper article

Here is the story as reported by "The Record".. The picture that they are painting is not a very pretty one. The Hit and Run driver is a 56 year old man, a retired Computer Professional, no wife, no kids, and a "Clean Driving Record" as the newspaper puts it. DanL the newspaper is reporting, has had (7) license suspensions, 11 tickets etc. This seems all one way, The paper does say Dan has not had any tickets since 1991, but that fact is pretty obscure. The point is THE DRIVER OF THE P/U TRUCK RAN DAN OVER, not the other way around, and after hitting Dan LEFT HIM THERE TO DIE. Dan might be alive if the man who hit him would have called for help, and not ran away. According to the newspaper, you can see which way the reporters sentiment is angled. The fact is Dan is dead, and emergency help might have prevented Dan's death.

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Becca and BabyBro:

May God bless you and keep you strong through your personal struggles. When the pain begins to subside, may you someday rejoice in the happiness of knowing that you be reunited with all your loved-ones in the end.
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My prayers go out to the DanL family. I find myself in disbelief over what has happened.

God bless!
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I quite possibly overstepped my bounds, but I sent a letter to the editor reprimanding him of the tone of that article in the "Record". I did not know Dan well enough to speak like I did, but like many here, I felt he was family.
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There was a case in MD courts that used road rage for the reason a crime was committed.
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I also read this newspaper article with disgust and responded in turn. For the love of God let the man rest in peace!!!!!!!!

Dear Editor,

It is with disgust that I read the coverage of a tragic event today in your newspaper. The article revolves around the death of an extended family member to myself, and over six thousand others. Your editorial viewpoint serves to paint the VICTIM, Daniel Lanza, as a criminal, and not the victim of a crime. Your decision to run Mr. Lanza's driving history reflects your poor judgement, and only serves to skew the facts in what should be recognized as a case of hit and run, resulting in the death of Mr. Lanza.

Sheer respect for the family of the deceased would dictate that you would try to amass all of the information prior to printing such an article. I read with interest the fact that you chose to print the "fact" that the defendant is a "good and peaceful person". This good and peaceful person waited almost two weeks before turning himself in, a move likely prompted by community pressure, and the proliferance of flyers indicating his vehicle left the scene.

Please let Mr. Lanza rest in peace, and see to it you cover the rest of the case with the dignity, and respect that Daniel Lanza earned in his all too short life. I am certain once the facts come out, there will be no question that Mr. Harvey's actions took the life of an innocent man.

Whether you choose to print these facts is another story.

Mr. Kevin King
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I can even describe the disgust I felt today when I read that article in the paper.My heart is so heavy.I will say that no one overstepped any bounderiesin writing to the record.I myself
am thinking about writing to them but I don't think I could do it without using a bunch of four letter words.I am just sick to my stomach.Today for the frist time I shut my cell phone off because I can't bear to talk to anyone.I felt like the paper made my brother look like a monster that drives around with total lack of self control and disregard for others.
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