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Cobra Situation

Old 11-28-2002, 12:30 PM
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Soh, how manies speling airs are one this tread?
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Old 11-28-2002, 12:34 PM
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LOL : RonP
the letter stuff!
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all right, and as we fast depart of another episode of "as the boat turn's" we see that the issue is a ok!!! good news
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Old 11-29-2002, 12:30 AM
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Default Re: Puder, Puder, Puder!

Originally posted by Mr. Bravo III
I am not trying to bash you puder, just think, waite, then buy.
I think puder is rubbing off on him also...
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I will be waiting for the apology from the member that was accusing us of protecting the advertiser when we were the ones that picked up the phone and called Cobra to try and resolve the issue for Puder. Next time, contact us and see if we can help. After all, we know most of these people personally since they advertise here.
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Old 11-29-2002, 08:19 AM
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Originally posted by 27daytona
I have been watching the posts on Cobra and am glad it all turned out okay. Angel picked me up at the airport when I tested the Jag cat that they had advertised and seemed very nice. Doug
I'm trying to be fair here.

27Daytona, with all due respect, Everyone likes to be treated well as a customer. I think most will agree that people in business are usually nice and turn on the charm when they want to sell you something especially when there's A LOT of $$$ involved---no real trick there. If you bought something from someone and feel like you got a whoopin' deal on it and are happy with your purchase and the people you've delt with then I guess you could say you did well for yourself. I don't think most will not dispute that.

In business, and after the marriage of the deal, it's usually AFTER the honeymoon that one finds out what one really has.

It's not a perfect world and WE ALL make mistakes. It's when we make the mistake and how we deal with it afterwards is what I think we were discussing here recently. According to Puder there were some miscommunication and tempers flared---that stuff happens. What was said by "Angel" as a rep for her company was totally uncalled for especially on an open public forum such as this, but none the less she still said it and now it's water over the damn. I too am no different, and have done/said things that I wished I could undo or take back. I am glad for Puder that he has gotten things resolved with Cobra and that Cobra is giving him a full refund for a part that he couldn't use and rightfully so. I think it's only fair. And if those were Angel's true intensions BEFORE things got out of hand then most would probably think she meant well from the begining. It's hard to say now and we may never know how Puder would have been treated had he not mentioned it within this forum and maybe he didn't give it enought time to play out before he posted it here within this forum. But I think most would agree it's more how Angel responded to a customer and potential customers on a public forum while representing the company/business she works for. I saw and responded to the original thread. In response to Angel comments I originally said something like; "Oh well, so much for us little fellers" then I came back and posted something much more robust. I was really shocked at her attitude and choice of words on here. If Angel or Cobra chooses to respond or not to respond to what Angel said then that's their choice. As far as any excuses being made to the effect that Angel is out of town and Randy is busy in his shop, with all due respect to OSO, if that wasn't your intent (to make excuses) it kinda sounded that way to me too, but then I'm only one other person. I suppose there are other ways to look it, but that's the way I see it from my perspective.
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O/K we all make mistakes. Impluse and show buying is ignorant.
Research what you want and need till your brain Explodes.
Then purchase. Mr. B3
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Old 11-29-2002, 01:49 PM
Enjoy the show
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I guess that OSO finger is pointing in my direction so please allow me to address my sins.

First off, Thank you OSO for stepping in and helping our dyslexic buddy Puder out. I hope he recieves a refund without further problems. Others called Cobra too, but it took your call to get them to start the refund proceedure. I hope they actually send Puder his money back, or at least treat him with the respect that is due any customer.

There are a few other issues surrounding my apology to you. First I would hope it doesn't take OSO to step in and make Cobra treat customers correctly. You would think that a business such as theirs would do the right thing without needing a push from any outside force.

Second, it is Cobra or Angel that should be on here apologizing to OSO members and especially Puder. Their sins are monumental compared to mine. Randy can't figuere out how to post here??? We know that Angel knows all too well. Where is her apology???

Third, the reason that no one posts on the APBA site is because of Alwiess sensorship. That's why everyone is on the OSO board. This site has no direct affiliation to any single entity. OSO remains an neutral voice to the offshore boating community. Sensor too much and the site adminstrators appear biased. Would you have closed the thread if Cobra wasn't an advertiser? That's was my only point in the note you are reffering to.

Finally, I did delete the thread without posting another thread about the thread I deleted.

Yes, we like to harp on things for a while, maybe too much at times. I know some people think were are like a bunch of gossiping women, but that is what this forum is about and why it's so active. Take away the gossip and the forum is dead. Take a look at the APBA forum if you want to see what a boring message board looks like. No gossip there. No one is there.

I hope this takes care of the apology you were looking for.

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Old 11-29-2002, 03:21 PM
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Ron P,

Actually this is the real story. I got a call from Angel who was in VA visiting her mother for Thanksgiving. She said that Randy got a couple of calls from people telling him he was being bad mouthed on OSO. Angel said she did not have a computer at her mothers and of course Randy has no clue how to go on OSO. I called Randy who I know would not screw Puder if he knew exactly what was going on and not getting the story second hand from Angel. He asked me to contact Puder and tell him he would give him his money back. I figured the best thing to do was kill two birds with one stone, tell you all and Puder what was going on.

As far as closing the thread, did you ever think that advertisers might read the little old lady gossiping and decide not to advertise because they think one wrong move even by accident and they will pay forever, if you answered no you are wrong. Then guess who will be paying to use this website, that's right!!

Bottom line, some people speak to hear themself talk, I closed the thread because the issue was resolved and we didn't need to hear any more comments about something that could have ben resolved in five minutes anyway.

By the way, when I called Cobra Randy answered the phone so there was no screening of phone calls and Angel is still in Va with no computer at the time I typed this.

I tell all the advertisers to use the Board as a tool to see how they are doing customer service wise. Some of you put way too much weight on the "protecting the advertisers" issue. All we want is peace and harmony and to have fun. You got a problem with an advertiser we would be happy to try to help, we feel obligated to both you and the advertiser.

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