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Twin engines in a 26 to 29???


Twin engines in a 26 to 29???

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Default Twin engines in a 26 to 29???

I would like some feedback from guy,s who own or have owned 26 to 29 boats with Twin small blocks, I keep seeing 28 Sonics w twin SB,s and 28 Donzi,s We are lake boaters and don,t go offshore what are the Pro,s and con,s of twins. I trailer everywhere and Boat mainly on Lake George in NY , Is there a speed advantage?? or will one 496 do the job on a 28/?/.

It just seems to be more problems with twins and not much more speed especialy when you compare one big block to 2 small blocks???

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Well My baja has twin big blocks and there is nothing like the "oh my god get me home motor"
but think of it this way
2 engines working 1/2 as hard as one working 100%
Now 2 working 100% will give you the torque numbers that a worked single will give no doubt.
but you have twice the prop in the water, more control at the docks with twins.
Also I might get flack for this but small blocks can be built up just like big blocks can, granted no small block is going to push 1000 HP or anything but you can tweak small blocks to push 350-500 HP each but the torque (which is really what makes a boat move) wont be as much as a big block ever. That is why choice of big blocks far and exceed small blocks as a choice in the marine community.
In that size of a boat around 28 SS sonic, twin small blocks move that boat pretty well. It will never be a 100+ MPH boat but really, how fast in a 28 do you really want to go?

That is what it boils down to, how fast do you really want to go?
Also sonic used to put twin big blocks in the 28 for a few years but I think they stopped a year or two ago doing that.
You have to jump to 31 SS now to get twin big's
If your a lake boater and want to be a big fish go for the twins, lower cost of ownership = small blocks by far. Hell you can go to pep boys or any local place and find numerous choices in perf parts for small blocks cheap and new.
I know alot of guys running single big blocks and they dont really complain about it.
All in what you really want to do.
But more attention goes into big blocks these days.
you dont see 10 different choices of outdrives for small blocks like you do big blocks

I understand your dilema but if it were me, having the get me home motor is definately worth something
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Well the advantages as I see it are: You have a limp home motor if you blow one up, so you always have a added confidence to go out if you are not running with a group. There is added ease at the dock with twins once you get the hang of it. Twins will get you on plane faster with a heavy load, so if you go baoting with a lot of stuff and friends then twins could be a good choice. There will also be less load on your drives so they could last longer.

Cons: Every oil change costs you twice as much, every mechanical issue is about double, ie tune ups and winterization. If you want to make a upgrade you have to do it to both engines so the cost is always double. They do take a little getting used to if you have been going single for a long time.

Going to twins does not get you twice the speed that a single will have. If you are going 55 with single you may get 65-70 with twins. This is due to the added drag of the extra drive in the water. Acceleration with twins and tripples is MUCH better then a single.

What it all comes down to is do you need the ability to limp home, and run with a lot of people in the boat? If that is not so much of a concern then single big blocks are a great engine in that size boat. Good luck and let us know what you get

Put your best foot forward!
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Besides the comfort of the get home motor, you guys forgot to mention the one thing that fires me up still to this day. The awsome felling that you get from having one motor running and having to fire up the second. How cool is that, listening to rumble of one and hitting the key on the second. I love it every time I start my boat As far as big blocks or small blocks go with the big blocks if you can. You will have a much better base motor to start with. You will not have to work them as hard. Chances are if you go with a small block you will end up with Alphas insted of Bravos and Alphas don't like leaving the water or should I say they don't like comming back into the water.
Just my .02

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twins, don't leave home without them. Find a 28 with 2 big blocks, they are fun and fast. I have never ever been towed in and I have many dead bravo's from the last few years. just my 2 cents plus I have a 100 mph 28 Manta that is a blast.
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But, remember with twins, putting those new parts on them is harder because you have a lot less room under the hatch.

Go with twin BB.
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I have a 26’ cat with twin 6.2 Mercs (377ci). It’s really going to come down to if you think having two engines is cool or not. Personally I do for a lot of the reasons stated above already. The most practical of those being the get home motor (which I have used three times already) and the maneuverability around the docks - not to be dismissed!

As far as speed – you will loose a marginal amount vs. the same power in a single. It has something to do with the extra drag of the drives and props and is highly sensitive to rigging. If you do go with twin small blocks, try three bladed props – if you have tabs. I got a solid 6 mph more with the three bladed props vs. the four bladed, but it was a ***** getting on plane and not worth it.

If you think you will want to build them out later – be careful! Small blocks (Merc black motors) are not built the same. I have been told they are built with the philosophy that they are disposable motors and that is why they are so cheap. Bolting things on can and will be a roll of the dice! Better to start with a reputable engine builder from the start.

Good luck, let us know what you decide.
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I have never owned a twin small block boat
of this size, but have owned 2 big block boats
in this size.
no one has mentioned the the sweet sound
these make when running in sync. (no, not the band )
plus the 100% improvement in your ability to
back into a slip
i have got to believe resale is better, also.
my .02
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I have a single Donzi 26ZX 502/415 hp and have tested the 28ZX many times with twins, The hulls are almost the same the 28 is 12" longer in the nose. The riding surface is the same, The twin small blocks balance the boat better then the single and add more weight (Better for rough water) The twins also dock better then a single and turn in a smaller area. As the old saying goes I can get back on one motor Thats an old wize tale anyway There is Boat US and Sea Tow!

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Audiofn ,made a good point ,twins suck when you upgrade because every part has to be bought in pairs,so a nice set of stainless marine manifolds just went from 1650.00 to 3300.00 and thats just exhaust ,got to have deep pockets to feed them twins!!!But I wouldn't ever go back to a single now that I have twin BB's,just bite the bullet and do it,you won't regret it!!
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