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OT: Bush v. Clinton at Christmas

Old 12-09-2002, 08:10 AM
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like i said i fully expect all these problems solved. if not republicans maybe will see that the problems are not that easy to solve
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Old 12-10-2002, 01:31 PM
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Here's the way I see it, in order for our country to grow and quality of life improve more people need to produce and add to the society than are a burden to society.
1. We are never going to bring up the poor by nocking down the producers, Clinton's salary cap @ $1mm, the creation and stock opions and a catalyst in corp fraud.
2. The most fraudulent company in America is the U.S. Govt, If other companies run their books like gov't all officers would be in jail on SEC vialations.
3. Corp are not evil the are the back bone of our great country. People get lad off(fired) because they become more of a liability than an asset. I never heard of someone getting fired because the work too damn hard and are way too productive. Corp have moved alot of business overseas because we Americans thing its owed to us a great living. I know we are only do $5 hour work but we need to get paid $20 an hour caz were American.
4. Our Education system is fine! Keep improving but we turn out quality students every year, no matter how much money we spend if a child is not under personal or parental pressure to learn and do well they will not!!! If you want smaller class size institute the vouchers, I heard more Teachers? Where do you get them. I have 2 sons and would rather see them in a large class with a competent teacher than in a class of 4 with a new teacher that can't control the situation. Parents need to take a greater roll in their kids education. One of our biggest problem is that people that have taken responceablity for the life are having limited children, people who take virtually no responceability are have multiple children never thinking about where is the money going to come from and what ifs. Parents that rely on gov't are more likely to have kids that rely on govt and all the education $$$ nice schools etc.. have a hard time fixing problems at home.
I wanted to put an addition on my house and needed multiple permits and inspections, but if someone wants to bring a child in this world the ned nothing, whats more important. Make schools accountable but also parents. Give the Parents Tax credits for children that do well(just a thought).
P.S. I like a President that is not afraid to admit what he believes as long as he is not trying to force his beliefs on anyone.
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