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What about most drowned Cell Phones!

Old 12-07-2002, 02:28 PM
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Angry What about most drowned Cell Phones!

I loose a phone in the water every year no mater how hard I try not to. After two I learned to start writing the numbers down on a scratch pad so it doesn't take months to get the numbers back, its a ***** with Nextel.

1. Nextel I-1000 , Found in bilge after motor was pulled, swore someone had to have stolen it.

2. Nextel I-85 Went for swim at the IN/Out well when loading on gear for Coast Gaurd weekend. Great weekend not to have my phone.

3. Nextel I-90 Went into GH Channel while scurring the 42 of the sea wall during a Severe Thunderstorm last summer by myself. Thats a fun boat to handle alone in severe weather. That was the storm that produced those Tornados. My bilge didn't stop running the whole idle back to the Marina it was raining so hard.

4. Nextel I-90 Got wet and two-way wouldn't work, so upon adjusting it on the dash the screen broke.

That's almost a 1k in phones , Thank You Signal Phone Insurance. Midnight
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I almost threw my sprint phone in NUMEROUS TIMES like whever i used it. But,needed something to cover the pop can in rain like in the Corona commercial.
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Old 12-07-2002, 02:41 PM
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When are these companies going to offer waterproof cellphones that float! who gives a crap about video games ...
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1) startec... left on back bumper and run over with boat trailer (DOH)

2)nextel I-50 had the doors propped open on a Reindl boat and stuffed it hard over a 60+ foot boat wake and filled the boat with water and the phone wouln't work any more (hope chris didn't read this )

3)V-60 next to my dock, came out of clip

4)V-60 girlfriends (ex) next to my dock
4 1/2) her work pager is there also
4 3/4) the marina guard was helping me dock and his nextel is there as well

The insurance people sent me a letter that for 1 year I am uninsuable due to me being to much liability
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My Startac spent the night at the bottom of White Lake....Got some scuba gear retrieved it the next day dried it out and it still works that was a year ago!!!!since then its been dropped twice into the builge and yes there was water in it....keeps on ticking just like a Timex! I get a phone upgrade in January! this one dont owe me a thing.....
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Nokia went in Beaver Lake when the boat sank. It was in my wife's hand at the time. Phone dried out, but didn't come back to life.
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Old 12-07-2002, 05:32 PM
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No phones, but two work pagers (hey, at least I didn't have to pay for them) are at the bottom at the municipal ramp in Grand Haven. If you've ever been there, you'll understand why I didn't make ANY effort to retrieve them.

Dropped my wall charger into LOTO this summer. It was in my bag, that somehow got open (don't recal opening it though) and fell out as I was putting it on the dock (truck problems required me to load all my stuff in the boat and bring it to the condo that way instead of in the truck). 21 feet of water AT THE DOCK!!! Damn LOTO is deep!!!! Got the truck fixed......still no wall least I still have the cig. lighter adapter.

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What kinda phone?? I have alot of left over wall chargers..LOL
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I can honestly say I have seen it ALL......I fix phones for a living, and you would be surprised on how mad people get when you tell them that you can not retrieve their phone numbers in a wet phone after it was dropped in a puddle/bucket/some type of water....I have heard of people trying to dry them out in microwaves,ovens, putting it on the radiator of their car! EVERYTHING..... It amazes me almost daily on what people do.

As for the "waterproof" phone... someone DID make one... Ericsson made a water resistant phone that you could get wet, even rinse it off under a fawcet if it was dirty!... They stopped making it when people didnt buy them!

So much for that idea... lol
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it happened docking the boat one day, usually i can pull the boat to the piling with my arms if need be. It gets to the point where you think youre gonna fall in, then the boat comes back. This day, the boat kept going, saved myself by grabbing the piling rope, and only went in up to my waist....thought i saved the day. Then i remembered that my cell phone, pager, and wallet were below the water line. Jumped out and pulled all the batteries, let everything dry out. Work supplied the new pager, i bought a new phone, and the wallet was just a little uglier after that day.
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