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Stupidest Boat related thing you did in 2002

Old 01-01-2003, 11:04 AM
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Was at Sandusky Bay (Cedar Point & Put-in Bay area for the weekend ) Came into the dock .Things got out of control. Forgot to put the front line on the cleat. Wife jumped to the dock threw her the line . Noticed that i didnt have it on the cleat. She grabbed the line, i had the other end in my hand didnt realize that she was pulling so hard . I let go and she fell to the dock on her A____ (real sore). Real nice guy with his grandson and a big powerquest 38 or bigger. Came over and helped her. Wife wasnt happy with me for the rest of the day!! Just luckey she didnt come down on the dock cleat. I was very red faced. Been boating since 1989. We laugh about it now but not funny then!!

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I was anchored in a crowded area on a VERY windy day. When it was time to leave I untied my anchor line from my bow and returned to the helm. I planned on putting the boat in forward and gathering up the line as I advanced. WRONG, the wind blew me over my line and the anchor chain and anchor wrapped around my prop. The shaft of the anchor actually bent around the base of the prop. At that time a fellow boater lent a hand. It took about fifteen minutes to free the anchor from my drive.

Luck would have it I had a two day old prop on that day. Luckily the only damage was a small chip on my drive case and a very small nick on the prop.
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by far the stupidest thing I did was many weekends went by that I wasn't in the boat.....
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Old 01-01-2003, 01:04 PM
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Keep em coming, thisis great stuff.

I have a friend with a 38' Baja. He was trying to load onto the trailer but couldnt get the boat to sit straight. every time time he pulled outof the water, the boat was crooked. He finally had enough and just pulled out of the ramp. He heard a loud bang as he pulled out. Got out and found a dockline with one of the dock cleates sill attached to his boat. The cleat hit the boat with enough force to put a deep gouge in the hull then bounced into the interior where it embeded into a seat. Lucky nobody was standing there.
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Old 01-01-2003, 05:49 PM
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Was very careful all season to use fresh water flush system right. Allways double check to make sure "Yellow" handle is right before starting, that is till the final start for winterizing. Went out for last run of season. Was going out of town next week so had to winterize that night after the run. Well when you rush to do things you screw up. Got home from boating, hooked up hose, got antifreeze ready, was also going to do a quick oil change. Started boat and idled when I notice no water coming from intercooler outlet. Jumped to the engine compartment and turned the "Yellow" handle allowing very cold water to hit a very hot impeller housing which cracked and shot water everywhere. Now instead of just needing an impeller the whole housing was history. Never turn the "yellow" handle after cooking an impeller!!! At least it happened on the trailer at the end of season.
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My cell phone seems to go in the water a lot, and we did lift a boat in the air at one of the races without the props on. Great crane operator simply lowered it by the dock and we had them on in less than a min. Thanks to the great crane opps at the GLSCS Races.
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Thought I would give her a tune up pulled the plugs on a friday and rembered that the mechanical oil pressure gage on the motor that I use to double check the electric dash gage was not working,so I unscrewed it so I could replace it when I did the plugs.Sunday I replaced the plugs and hooked up the garden hose and she started and ran like a I turned my thoughts from the gages to the open engine hatch it looked like I struck it rich,it was four feet high and all three qts.ended in the bilge.
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That sucks FloridianSon. I did not do your trick; and this one was not my fault, but I blew out a fitting on one of my trim tabs hitting a rough wave. Erupted about a quart and a half of ATF into the bilge at high velocity. It was truly an ugly mess. I know your pain.
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Granted this is not as bad as BIGE's, but does involve human waste!

Ran my 34' non-gofast about 10 miles to where we pull it out for the season. We never got far enough offshore enough, to pump out the head, and no pump out stations are open. A week later when winterizing, we knew we didnt want that tank full all winter, and since it was all recycled beer anyway, we pumped it into a 5 gal bucket, under the boat.
My friend was helping me put the big tarp on the boat, when I, of course kicked over the bucket. After asking who the hell left this bucket of water under the boat i heard a laughing reply, "Hate to break it to you McGary, but that wasn't water!!!!"

I didn't even want to get into my car.......never thought new shoes were part of winterizing. Hey, i almost made it through a season without humiliation.......almost.
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So I'm looking on E-Bay one night and I see this big A$$ Silverton up for auction. So I think to myself, well I'll just throw a low dollar bid on the puppy cause i don't want to buy a new boat, but hey if it's cheap enough 2 weeks later I'm flying down to Texas to give the guy a check and take the flybridge off for transport Voila, 2 boat projects for the winter....

Off the boat topic for a second: I forgot to call my wife the other day while she's in Chicago.....and it was her BIRTHDAY ......I am sooo totally screwed when she gets home. Anyone know a good jeweler ??
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