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What would U do?

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I'd sue her for the money she cost you for the car. That would get her into court and you might walk out with something to show for it.
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Did your divorce decree have a property settlement attached? It should have spelled out who was responsible for paying the loan you had together.

As far as getting Restraining Order, make sure you get an actual Order of Protection. They are issued by the Criminal Courts and enforceable by police. Restraining Orders are issued in Civil Court and the Judge who issued it must issue a warrant for the person that violated it. At least this is how it works here.

In many cases,here, Judges are reluctant to issue mutual Protection Orders. I guess there thinking is "why would a person who has a PO against some one want to harrass that person" They don't see the real world of "I got a PO, I can F*** with you all I want, and you can't do do chit about it"

I would have your new GF get a PO and one for yourself if they will give you one. Get a voice activated tape recorder and document EVERYTHING.
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speel chekk this fokker!
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sue her in civil court for sexual harrassment.......
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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Just Woah.

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I would talk to the local DA office and try to schedule a meeting with them and bring all your documentation with you. Good luck, and you're right, the FL courts favor women over men, I know, I got divorced here!
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Call her and offer to take her for a nice boat ride out in the mighty Atlantic. It's an awfully rough body of water and its REAL DEEP!!!

All seriousness aside, the attorney thing is probably the best idea at this point.
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hey shoregasm,here in fl we guys call it the she said law.......theres absolutly nothing that can be done,she could accually beat your but and you will still be the one to get in trouble,a man get an injuction,your better off prayin for snow in the keys..........get an appointment with the DA,GOOD LUCK,its the DA that sets up these she said laws,Ive had three in the past two years and its the DA that dropped all the charges,proved that she was the problem and then filed it as a NO INFORMATION,in absolutly no way does the DA want to charge or let a man file an injuction on a woman in this would blow there whole theory that woman are afraid of got to remember that this has now become a political issue,it doesnt matter about right or wrong,its politics......its the DA that puts these laws in order and sets these conditions up in each county!!!!!!!!!all these officers that you call,there trained by the state to arrest men.....even if they got to make [email protected] up.....if you want to here about some funny stuff send me a pm.....Ive got a couple of articles that will explain this better!!!!!!!!

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Sounds way too f*cking familiar...

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1. Attorney
2. Document everything
3. Define if it is worth it for you financialy and emotionaly to sue on the civil side that waste of skin. (From the numbers you mention remember you can't get water out of a rock, you'd just make your attorney richer)


PS: I'm not an attorney but i did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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If all else fails then screw her sister or her best friend!!!!
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