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What would U do?

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Default What would U do?

Sorry this is kinda long and personal but you guys kinda know me so here goes.What would U do?

1.My Ex has a restraining order against me.If you live in Florida you would know how easy these are to get.Not cheap but easy.

2.I have NEVER and I reiterate NEVER laid a hand on this girl.period..all there has to be is cause to beleive it would be possible.

3.We have been long broken up and she decided to bail on a loan we had together...her truck loan had my former car as collateral.She decided she didn't need to pay anymore on this and it got three months behind.Unbeknownst to me until the date she was to pay it off she filed a restraining order against me and with several careful lies and cautious wording on her part she nearly cost me getting my Formula.Several thousand dollars was put down on my Formula and she knew it.The former carwas traded in and sold immediatly.No problem except that there was almost 2K owee on it.So now you see the problem.I put all my eggs in one basket to get this car.Never mind she had just sold the truck she did not fully pay-off by half and bought a 2000 GTP.I knew this was gonna happen but trusted her to keep her word.My bad!

4.On the day of court for the retraining order I was forced prior to court to pay-off her debt of $1884 to keep my former car from getting repossed from it's new owner.Never mind I had just spent all my money on the Formula.Well I came up with the rest of the money.Thank The lord for that.Pure miracle.A lot of timing and a lot of prayer....The only way it works in my book.

5.She lied her arse off in court and I just smiled and said I have never and would never hurt anything of hers or to her.Very true for me to say.It's just not me.She said I had been Near Stalking her and threatening her..Not true...I have wanted nothing to do with woman for a long time!Just for her to pay off her debt as she said.She is a fabulous liar and Bull****ter..mattere of fact the best I have ever seen.

6.From the day of court forward I have had NO contact on my behalf or any of my friends. She has E-mailed me and IM'ed me twice.too which I did NOT respond.She has had a conversation with my employer discussing That she still loves me and is sorry for all this and is considering dropping the order of protection..She then showed my boss the ring I gave her a year ago and said she never takes it off.Now does this sound like someone that is scared of me ?.I have one better for you!

Two weeks later me and a female friend of mine and a couple of other friends are a club here in town..My Ex walks up behind me and proceeds to pour a drink on my head and turn around and walk away.WTF......must I be continually taunted?...I stood up and thought for a second then called the Police and made a report to which that did NO good at all. Sound fair?.Not too me!

I have filed affidavits against her for her actions and the courts are ignoring them until they are serious enough......kinda sucks to be the guys in this situation.

One week ago I am driving home from work and I get to the house and hear a hissing noise from my rear tire...Go to the tire shop and they pull out a Razor blade?....Wtf?....stuck straight into the tire....Nice Huh?....and then today My roomate tells me that she stopped by his business for something for her car. She never went up to the front to enter the business for obviuos reasons.She is not welcome there and will be Trespassed if she shows up.My roommate walks in the back and see her car pulled up and sees her.She attempts make small talk and askes about me.Too which she got the Short End of a swift get lost and never return!....

How much do I have to endure from this woman?....she clearly has No respect for her own order of protection.

She is getting more and more aggresive in her means of contact with me and that will surely land me in the Pokey if I F-up?.....Do you guys see my problem.

I have a wonderful girlfriend that I love very much now and I want her to Have NOTHING to do with this Piece of trash!
MY Ex went after my former Girlfriend the first time they saw each other. Maybe you can see my need for concern now.

When she does see her with me I am certain there will be some form of trouble from my Ex. Period.This I don't want to happen.I simply want nothing to do with my ex ever again.This is the bed she made and now she can sleep in it!......

What the hell am I supposed to do about this?...the courts aren't helping me and I feel like my hands are tied behind my back.I f she does something she gets away with it.If I do something I go to jail!
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I would forward the emails on to the DA's office showing that SHE is tring to make contact, not you.
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maybe these guys can help you

all jokes aside , maybe a restraining order against her would work.
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hmm , pic didnt attach?
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Pay somone to start dating her!
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Someone you don't like.
I would get a lawyer to advise you. Keep any and all evidence you can come up with. TAKE PICTURES! Keep a digital cam with you at all times. Maybe your girlfriend should have one too. Its easy to get a gun in florida, get your girlfriend one.
Keep your cool and good luck!!!!!!!
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DUDE NO GUNS!!!! Just remember this COOLER HEADS PREVAIL!!!!!!! I can not stress that enough. You have always been level headed about things like this with other memebers on the board, now it is time for you to try and do the same. You can get a restraining order out on her. You have your friends and all come to the hearing with you and tell the story about the beer and you should be set. Your girlfriend can also get a restraining order out on her (sadly probably easier to do then you ) Man I wish you the best. I know how hard it is to move on when someone like that keeps sticking their head in were it does not belong. Hopefully she will get a new guy and forget about you, but untell then DO NOT send ANY reply's and print out and save ALL your emails. Emails that I had printed out seem to have got me out of a psycho former employee's sexual harasssment suit.

Put your best foot forward!
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Definitely, speak w/ an attorney who handles criminal cases. That is what I do for a living but I'm in Nj so my advice wouldn't necessarily apply to your state.
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I agree with GO4BROKE

A lawyer would definately help. File a restraining order against her. This way any contact she has with you will get her arrested.

You have plenty of reason to file one because of the malicious damage she has caused. The court will definately side with the woman at first. They always do. Its just how the system works. Save the Emails, phone messages and take pictures whenever you can. You have to attack her character and credibility in court and provide witnesses. show the court she is the whacko. Sue her for all your cash out of pocket with regards to the cars and trucks.

Fat Daddy...nice to know your around... you never know when I may need you. I had a problem back in 2001 and attacked her credibility in court. Had a couple of cop friends testify as to her demenor and She dropped the restraining order and we went our separate ways. It could have been ugly if I hadnt of been friends with alot of cops in town.

Shorgasm....good luck
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Document EVERYTHING, record EVERYTHING, take pictures of EVERYTHING!!!!! Get your ducks in a row and call an attorney. They can schmmoze the authorities much better than you can. With this sort of situation I would think you will get more done behind the scenes with an attorney than upfront, remember, all the judges are attorneys as well. Be prepared to lay down the facts, this is where the documentation, pictures and recording takes place. Beat her with organization, discipline and a cool head. It's more fun to outsmart someone and make them look stupid than it is to smack them around. If she is a liar, eventually she will contridict herself, like it sounds like she has done quite a bit of, and that is when Ole' Shore is sitting there with a tape recorder in his pocket.....grinning like a fox in a meat wagon (better be sure FLA law allows that though!! )

Keep your cool bro, you will beat her, liars always screw up eventually.......Good luck, A4
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