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Poker Run Etiquette...

Old 01-07-2003, 12:40 PM
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I pay the entry fee, fuel bill, and hotel for myself. Guest are asked to pay for their own hotel room and if they so choose a cocktail or two (on the dock, that is). I do not let guest pay for any fees associated with the boat because, GOD forbid something should happen to one of them, and the situation gets ugly and they have contributed to the cost of running the boat, it could be designated as a charter and if you don't have a captain license, you're up the creek, so to speak.

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My guests paid their entry fee and chipped in a little for gas after the fact (they offered the gas money, I didn't ask). I planned on paying back their entries, maybe more, depending on what we won, but we didn't win. I'd figured on a large chunk of it going into the boat fund.
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To me, proper ettiquette is -

* owner(s) / captain pays the boats entry fee

* each additional passenger pays their percentage of the total cost of the event fee ( if a flat- fee event ) or their stated cost per passenger by the event fee schedule. This is if scheduled in advance only. Last minute "want to come with ?" additions to fill the boat should be paid for by owner(s) / captain

* owner(s) / captain do not pay for lodging of addition passengers

* owner(s) / captain do not pay for meals of additional passengers

* owner(s) / captain do pay all transportation expenses and maintanence before, during, and after the trip regarding the boat

* owner(s) / captain are not to expect gas money from passengers

* passengers are to at least offer splitting the gas fuel cost at all stops

* owners(s) / captain are not to expect anyone to buy them a drink at any time

* passengers are to at least buy one drink for the owners(s) / captain, if not more

* owner(s) / captain keeps any winnings if he / she picked or got handed the cards to them direct

* owner(s) / captain splits any winnings evenly if any other passenger picks the cards or is handed them

These are all subjective, of course, as alot of people have family and very close friends with them on the runs and then it is whatever the owner(s) / captain decides
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I agree with Tonto. Passangers are our guests. If I come to your house for dinner, I don't expect to pay for it. We pay the entry and all expenses associated with the boat. Guests pay their own hotel. Any winnings (LOL) are mine.
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When I invite someone along I don't allow them to pay for anything other than their travel and hotel. The major runs include all the meals so this allows people to know just what their total out of pocket's gonna be and thats important. I'm very careful to invite only those people that have spent plenty of time on performance boats, as my pleasure is running a little harder than most when it gets choppy. Watching a boat running hard vs. being IN the boat are two very different things. In addition a seasoned crew is worth its weight in gold when it comes time to handle lines, fenders (not bumpers!), and spot other boats around you during the run. Remember , just because someone is a "boater" doesn't make them ready for the offshore experience, trust me, if you're passengers are "uncomfortable" the day is not going to be what it should. JD

BTW I agree it's nice to see a "related" thread.
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Definitely cool to see a boating thread...I've had the pleasure of running a few and even winning (O.K. placing...second best hand 1000 Islands '99) Most often I think it is looked at like this...making those payments...fillin' 'er up the night before...doin that preflight...risking breaking your $tuff...driving (like hell) for a hundred or more miles... entertaining...taking responsibility and liability for those aboard. Your welcome to come along, but bring your cojones. I don't ask for contributions and would rather not take them from passengers...just have a good time. Winnings from my hand (if) go in the boat fund 'cause overall this ain't cheap,and just because it didn't break today doesn't mean I didn't bring that day closer puttin that smile on our faces. If it is set up that they can play a hand of their own,by all means good luck...I'm sure they'll buy me a beer or toss a little gas money at me after the fact,whatever, if it was a good day and nothing or nobody got broken I don't care (except about that cold one that is).
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Are we having fun, yet?
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My .02 - I have been the invited guest for the last four years on RPBA's Poker Run. The owner and I split the gas and dockage fees. We each bring food and boat sodas. As for the poker hands, he buys his and I buy mine. His winnings are his wifes and mine are my girlfriends (just kidding, of course). It's always good to invite folks that know how to boat. The extra hands help a bunch when it comes to docking and the like!!!
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I split up the costs equally and if I ever do win we would split up the prize $$. All of my crew are performance boaters anyways and they relize the expence of running in one of these events. We always purchase extra hands to better our chances alo

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The way it has been in the past for me is:

My friends pay my entrance fee if we are using my boat.
I pay for the gas.
They can buy me a few drinks throughout the day.
If by chance I win I will treat everyone in the boat to dinner and
drinks that night.

Most of the poker runs I have been in are $100 a person and
and every on in the boat gets a hand.
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Originally posted by Jesse James

My general thought is you are my guest and I am honored to have you here (unless you invited yourself) and I am sure there will be days in the future that I will want/need to go with you so we will just call it even.

I like this, how do you get rid of the uninvited?
Dont know how right it is but I pay for all the gas we split the poker hand (or hands) even. If we were to win the winnings would be split even. I bring sodas, sandwiches and chips and if someone wants an 21 and over bevreage they bring there own. Charlie

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