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They say us boaters are supporting terrorism!?

Old 01-10-2003, 06:29 PM
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The perverted word “liberal” again! It means Control and that’s the Joke!!

This tree hugging Anti American Human Filth needs to travel to India or China and see some real Pollution. Millions of Dirty little 2 Strokes! Along with a Soft Coal based Industry for cripes sake like in China.

According to a satellite survey I saw it was India, China and Eastern Europe who were the biggest polluters.

FORGET usage its how clean you burn it!!!!!!!!!!

Also there are some startling new theories on Petroleum that just may rewrite the known rules !
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Old 01-10-2003, 08:48 PM
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First of all, if we don't ask the producers about energy policy, who will we ask???
I'm all for mass oil consumption or I wouldn't be burning it up so fast. I also believe that producers should definately be part of the conversation, even a major part. I am only questioning why the attendants and how they came to their decisions is somehow a secret. It looks to me like there is an attempt to hide something. Why? Why does everybody scream so loud about keeping government out of everything when Enron and many others are so blatantly guilty of screwing all of us, yet these same people think the government should lock me up for smoking pot? I vote for get the Government out of my life and protect us from corporate scams and international thugs.

Actually Tom, any use of oil based resources is more than the planet can sustain – remember – it’s not a renewable source. But that’s tangential, what I really wanted to comment on was your statement about “secret” energy policies. Who exactly are “they”?
Thats exactly what I'm asking. Who are "they" that need to make decisions in secret and not even allow anyone to know what went on. This same government wants to know what kind of porn I rent, what kind of munchies I get when I'm stoned, what books I take out of the library, etc.

I'm 100% for profit motives, capitalism and democracy, but we are all deluded if we think that is what we have. When a small group can cheat the system because of thier monopoly control of the market we do not have a functioning market in that sector. Do you all really want unrestrained profiteering by those who have already been caught screwing us all? Last I understood collusion was determined to take place in the California energy market by some of those same companies that met in the secret meetings. Why does that not concern anyone?
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