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O/T: Put my cat to rest

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Default O/T: Put my cat to rest

Well yesterday was the end of the battle for my cat. Generally I am a dog person & he was actually my wife's cat, but we had him for 13 years & he became a permanant fixture. He was losing weight so we took him to the vet, found out he had a cancerous tumor in his stomach that was starting to block his digestive tract. We tried medicine & after 10 days if he had top go any longer, in my opinion he would start to suffer. I will miss being able to make the dog chase him & also getting him totally blasted on catnip. Do you think I should surprise the wife w/ a kitten or let her make the decision. Sorry to vent, but this board has some "special" powers.
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Sorry for your loss. I would buy a new cat for her but not right away. Give her some time to accept the loss.

Put your best foot forward!
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dmhoj,,,,sorry to hear of your loss. I too lost a pet on Saturday. He was a Cockatiel named Visa...We had him for almost 17 years. He jumped on my shoulder Friday night and gave me a kiss before putting him to sleep. Woke up in the morning to find out he was dead... Again like you,sorry to ramble,but my animals are a part of my family. I have 3 more birds and 2 dogs..

As far as getting another cat,let the wife decide. Many pet owners run out immediately after a loss of a pet to fill the void. Wait !!!!! Give it time.

Again,sorry for the loss..

(My little buddy Visa)
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Oh my. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Pets do hold a special place in your heart. You will be in my thoughts.
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Another animal lover here---I think it's good advice to wait a bit.

Also, why would you BUY another? There are gozillions of cats at every shelter in every town literally dying for a home.

I personally think its crazy to spend money for some "brand-name" breed. Besides, it's the "pure" breds that ususally have more health problems. A vet once said "the more you pay, the more your pay". True.

'Sorry for your loss. 'Been there.
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Thanks Guys-
Here is a picture of him-these are not the colors as I was screwing around one day. As far as "buying" a cat- its a matter of taste.
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Having just gone through putting my little dog Megan down a few weeks ago I know what you're feeling, and my thoughts are with you.
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I went through the exact same thing last March. Our 18 lb Maine Coon Cat also had a cancerous stomach tumor . He was losing weight and after xrays , ultra sounds and needle biopsy the diagnosis was made. He was fine for two months (except for the weight loss). He did everything he would do nomally. He was down to 11 lbs when we could see him beginning to fail. It was sad day for his final trip to the vet...but it was really for the best.
Our other one seemed to mope around for about two weeks so we went out and wound up with two Coon kittens
mainly because Sam our other , is almost 14 and you know his time could also be limited.
Our hearts go out to you (1boatnut and crazyhorse too) since pets can certainly become a part of the family.
On a brighter note these two new ones just turned 10 months old and are funnier than a barrel full of a$$ holes

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My 2 outside cats are 14. Going strong.
It's sad to put down a pet.

Let her mourn and turn loose of the old friend.

Boatnut - sorry about your bird. Cute bird. Lots of people don't know how fun birds can be.
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Sorry to hear of your loss...our cat always likes to sit on me when on the OSO.
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