Single or Twins?????

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Get twins. You only live once. I had 2 single boats. Got tired of getting towed in. Got a twin 35' and never looked back. Anything can be learned. I am now on my third set of bigger motors. Like they say--Bigger is Better.
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Another member said it best last time this topic came up. Have you ever seen the guy with twins wishing he had a single?
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i have had multiple boats with singles, as well as with twins. Including twin small blocks & current twin 502's. A lot of variables to look at. short of running out of gas, with twins you can always limp home. You never mentioned what size boat. This is a very important apect. If the winds blowing, surfs up,and I'm still out. But, when it's time to dock,it'd be a bear without twins.I prefer twins, but when ever you do anything it's normally 2X the $'s.
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Okay you two, there is no question, you have to go with twins!! It was great meeting both of you at the boat show, I hope we can do it again soon! Lutz, you'll need to have twins to run away from all the guys chasing Amy when she's driving that new boat in Party Seriously though, I hope you find something you all like but until then you're more than welcome on the Drinking Fountain!!!!!!!!!
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With twins if 1 motor has a problem, you will not have to wait for a sea tow and a bill,Money saved to fix the problem motor!
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In your case twins are probualy best.If you said you want speed at a reduced cost I would go for big power with a six drive in aboat up to 32.Someone had a pic of an activator aprox 32 with a single I would kill for.In my opinion it was the perfect setup.But thats not what you are looking for.
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Default Boat Size?

Depends on the size of the boat dude. If your looking at lets say the Baja 29 Outlaw, I'd defintily say TWINS. If you are siding with a smaller boat like a 29 Fountain, stick with the single. On a larger boat the twins will give you the HP to get on plane quicker and offers more mid to top end puch. A larger boat will be balanced enough to counter the wieght of the twins. In a smaller boat like the Fountain 29 a single would be the way to go. The single offers a better balance and will kite through the air better. The question of Single or twin would be better defined by which boat. GOOD LUCK!!
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Miss Amy,

The key to learning to drive any boat is LOTS and LOTS of PRACTICE. I finally got Bobbie feeling pretty comfortable driving and even docking the Pantera. It can be tough to dock, especially in tight areas and with a crosswind. The smaller turning radius of hydraulic steering doesn't help either. I would love to be able to manuever my boat like a boat with twins. It is just not possible. I know its capabilities though and plan ahead. Either way with a single or twins. The key seems to be knowing what the boat is capable of and knowing how to do it. Both come with PRACTICE.
Knowing you guys and how rough LOTO can be, I would look at 30+ with twin stock power. Boats that come to mind are 29 & 32 Outlaws and 31 Sonics. Good sized cabins, deep freeboard(for kids) and good rough water boats. Also, this 32 Active Thunder looks good.
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Amy & Lutzparty~
There's a REALLY REALLY nice, predominantly yellow, 1999 32' Active Thunder on the Active Thunder website you might want to take a look at!! It goes really really fast too!!
And Amy...You can wear a lot of different color's off suits to match the graphics!!!
Trust me....It's been taken care of REALLY, REALLY well!!
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That would be REALLY REALLY cool, if I knew the website.

Do you happen to know the website or link??

And Shhhhhhhhhh about Amy coordinating her suits. I think we have an abundance of bikinis, Im sure some are still watiing to make their debuts.

Another important factor is can these boats be adapted for the world famous LP / Audiofn / Foul, Dancing pole???
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