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Single or Twins?????

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Originally posted by MissAmy
I want something that I can feel comfortable driving, parking, and maneuvering.

I am intimidated by twins and told Lutz that maybe we should consider a single engine for this reason.

So be tough is it gonna be for me to learn to drive?
Miss Amy

Michelle (My Wife) has been docking and loading twin screws for 10 years , She does just fine.
In fact some say she does better then me.

I am sure she would love to talk to you.
let us know
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Originally Posted by GO4BROKE View Post
Thats good advice from Thunderdan. The only motor that ever had trouble on my boat is the one with the powersteering pump, thats the starboard motor. So my next boat will have 2 port motors 'cause they don't break!!
Of course, for safety's sake, you should get triples, just to have an extra motor to limp home with. I almost have the wife convinced of that theory....
This is amazing. I have had 3 boats with twins and all my problems have been with the port motors. I thought it was a Southern hemisphere thing....
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Originally Posted by Von Bongo View Post
Small blocks use less fuel, weigh less and would gove you a little more room in the bildge.
I've looked at fuel consumption data, and I have not seen any appreciable reduction in fuel consumption with small blocks vs. big blocks at the same speed. I think the reason for this is most of the fuel is going toward drag, rather than engine friction and pumping losses. At higher speeds, the small blocks could be worse than big blocks, because the engine fuel enrichment will kick in with the smaller engines at lower speeds. Small blocks are also only about 150 pounds lighter than a big block, so the 300 pound reduction with twin small blocks is not much for a typical 28 ft boat that weighs 6000-7000 pounds with twins. A typical twin engine boat in the 28 to 30 foot range will get 2 mpg or less. A single engine boat in that range will get mid to high 2 mpg.

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Damn, heres a thread from the way back machine!
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Triples..... If you can find them.....
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Holy old threads, Batman!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by MissAmy View Post
Thanks Dan,

It's those little "tricks" that I need to know to help me pick it up. I never drove the cruiser because I was way too intimidated by the size, the engines, etc, and never even attempted to learn.

But I am bound and determined to learn to drive our next one. If not just from a safety issue. I don't want Lutz to be the only one to know how to drive it.

Okay now...anybody else have any more advice for a female newbie?

Thanks again.
don't go faster than you want to hit the dock

Seriously - I learned to drive twins on my dad's Carver. Just take your time and experiment in an open marina with no one around to watch you - the same way you'd learn to drive a single. It isn't any harder, it's just different. Depending on the boat, it can be much easier.
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I didn't even notice!

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They got a Formula 311 and they loved it. They did however sell it as they are doing a lot more water skiing these days/
Put your best foot forward!
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A interesting pair of twins!

Show me the Twins!

Our new LSM 550 motors were developed for just this reason, how to get twin motors in the back of a 28-36 foot average comfortable performance boat without loading the back end of the boat with 2200 pounds of motors alone.

The new LSM550 dynos at 550HP at 5800 rpms , 565 ft/lbs of torque all the way from 3700 rpm to 4700 rpm and it weighs just under 500lbs per motor. Not bad for a 7.3liter all aluminum freshwater cooled small block LS based engine!

You can see them @

Put two of these in a 28 - 36 foot twin hull and the 1200lbs you just dropped out of the back of the boat should make a big difference in performance and economy!

Just thought I would throw in a new twist to the twins versus single controversy!


Ray @ Raylar
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