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Fastest V-Bottom Period

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Doesn't it count that reggie is running a boat that weighs less and is actually a shorter boat when you talk about running surface. On flat water a smaller and lighter boat will always run faster with the same power.
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I agree. The only way to compare Fountain with these boats is to use the 42. My buddy has a 42 Fountain w/HP 500's and it runs in the low 80's.
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Old 02-06-2003, 07:57 PM
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Its pretty funny how fountains are always the boats people compare to when you are talking about speed. All of these boats mentioned above are fast. It is almost impossible to say one boat is the fastest boat period. Gas, coolers, and everything else that gets packed in the boats for a weekend will slow it down from day to day. Since I get the pleasure of riding in an extremely fast 35 twin step fountain w/big power my vote is for fountain. I would be happy to own any of the above boats but still think fountain makes the fastest V hull for conditions on the Potomac River.
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Default SPEED

Originally posted by audacity
facts....a fountain currently has the world kilo for APBA F2....a scarab won daytona....a donzi won cape cod and had faster lap times than the SVL2's did!...still it's an impossible question!!!!

are we talking racing and racers???
AUDACITY for the real answer to Cape Cod the Donzi is a great boat but the only reason it had fast times the SVL2 boat I Had about 300 hundred gallons of water in my boat and still all most won check out the first two lap time not even close ,but that the way it should be, But Mike and Doug did a great job in F2 You can not come pair speeds . Looking foward to seeing your boat keep the Donzi boat, ruling F2.
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mmjo has a bad 39 Velocity...
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sonicdriver makes sence. i dought you will ever see a ol with stock 500 hp ,so there cant be a campairson. a lot of your f2 boats the motors have been modified some,so you dont know you has done what,hustler i dont think has up dated it bottom since 97-98,there pushing the 377 cant compare a race boat that at race weight 7500lbs? to a boat with a cabin . look at a 36 gladitor you cant even go up front in it. to a certian point bottom design then power to weigh ratio just like race cars. no 2 boat weigh the same.i think most of the f2 foutains are the 35,s?

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how's your better half rick?....

i know that rick....that was my point as well....a lot of very good boats broke in that race...can't win a championship if your not consistant (and finish every race)....and i KNOW you understand that!LOL....kinda like the old bull and young bull looking at the heard....nice to see another racer here...

your only looking forward to seeing the boat.....and not me!!???i see how you are!
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mmo jo
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Do any of yal own any of these boats. I have ran every one exept for bad boys. And no bull ****ting around I out ran every one.390 velocity 2xhp500efis. bone stock! 8750#. Ask any one at poker runs america, Fl power boat club, opba.ext.ext. The phantom was the only one that gave me a run for my money. If it was flat he could pos. out run me. tuesday night flat water 200 gal. fuel 4 paople 2 coolers of drinks 85.5 with hydromotives done by mike at halls. The boat has run 86.6 in per. con. A race boat is a diferant beast . when was the last time you seen a 38 fast tech run 90 mph. When bad boys builds a poker run production boat give me a call Im not hard to find Tom Denofa velocity power boats poker run team. 18 this year.
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Hell with a fountain you dont need all that extra length in the water because they handle and ride like there on rails. and since they didnt need all that running surface to achieve performance and handling they decided to put there lenght into styling, so they could have a boat that doesnt look like everyone else's.

Oh yea i forgot the main reason Fountains look different is so you would know what was going by you

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Oops....I stumbled in here by accident...... "Fastest Vee bottom period"...... I thought this was a Midol commercial.

Obviously...if you really wanted to go fast.... you'd buy a Skater............... Cat.

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