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Volvo Outdrive on Wellcraft

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Default Volvo Outdrive on Wellcraft

I was looking on ebay and came across this boat. I like the size and the look of the boat, however, the volvo drives caught my attention. They are mated to DPX 500 engines. How reilable is this package? Anyone out there use them? I do know around this area it is hard to find service for Volvo (Wisconsin).
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Default one more

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Not too long ago a model very similar to that one was tested by one of the major boat mags and they were wild about it.
I ran a few test models of different boats with the original DPX drives some years ago and they were VERY impressive handlers.I remember commenting then that I would buy the package just for the steering alone.. although that was probably a combination effect of the twin props also.That 500 and I believe 600 series engine / drive combo comes with a really good warranty too.
I used to run a pair of the old 270 drives (for 14 HARD years) and besides oil and bellows (zincs too) not a penny was spent on them.
Volvo makes a great product and even though service availability is an issue to give serious thought to I would seriously look into this if the price is good !
Service is an issue here too but it's about 50/50 either way...
not to rain on any one's parade,but between you and me my next engine package will be a Volvo.WE got a merc 502 and even though we have'nt had any major problems the factory created a service / warranty problem that has subsequently exposed them for what they really are and I will NEVER buy another black motor or outdrive !
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I don't think you'll have any problems with the drive, but the biggest downside to the volvo's is that they hurt resale. Not that there is anything wrong with them its just that alot of people when they see the volvos they shy away from the buying the boat. If you do buy it, keep that in mind when negotiating the price, because you will probably end up selling it for less than if you had mercruisers on them.
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Unfortunitely that is exactly what I was thinking, after-all if that wasn't the case, you probably wouldn't even see the post!

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Old 02-06-2003, 07:44 PM
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Powerboat tested the 33AVS with Volvo Penta 600's at 93.1mph three years ago. I asked my marine mechanic about the Volvo outdrives and he said he didn't know because they never had one come back. Never tore one down except during factory training. The resale value debate would help you get a good deal. The boat looks great.
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Old 02-07-2003, 12:56 AM
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A friend of mine and me run his 33' scarab AVS with "volvo" 600's with the DPX drives... the boat handles GREAT. We run a solid 92 all the time in it. He has done mods on the motors and they are putting out about 670-680 HP each...The 600's where built by innovation marine in sarasota for volvo, the same people involved in the GM marinization project, and we have had them go through the motors adding alot of different things like stellings dry exhaust, ECM mods, etc... We have never broken a drive on the boat. The worst thing that has happened to us while out on it was we cracked a prop, and that is because they have been thinned ALOT.
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Old 02-07-2003, 08:47 AM
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Sweet looking ride...... I would search your area to assure you can get Volvo representation..... As for Volvo, I don't understand why they don't push their line more, I personally like what they do. And Volvo is such a large company!!! Don't get it..... I would not shy away from Volvo unless I had no where to take it for warranty work. I think my biggest concern would be with the boat itself, knowing that Wellcraft has dropped the Scarab line.... what kind of support can you get from Wellcraft for parts and warranty down the road.... will you be able to get parts is a big question I would want answered.... Again, fabulous looking rig.... Good luck....
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I believe "C Spray" has the same set up in a Formula.
You had your choice when bought new. From what I've heard they are more trouble free than Mercs. It's just that Mercs are more available and advertised much more
Plus for service Merc has a dealer "on every corner" as compared to Volvo.
There's also more aftermarket and performance goodies for Mercs.
Nice looking ride

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