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Douglas GM -- Skater 399v -- Ref thread "Is APBA Arachnophobic?"

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Originally posted by Fever Mike
Then all of the sudden major manufactures start spending BIG R&D money, .
Mike Carter
When? Who? Where?

The biggest budget "major manufacturers" have outside of labor and marketing.

Most testing is done by the poor schnooks who buy the boats....not the ones who build them.

One other aside....... Didn't Cigarette get away with campaigning two different step bottom( single and twin step) variants in Factory 2 a couple of years ago?

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This was my question and or point. Some years ago I was in a meeting with some APBA officials and was told not to use the word penalty in the same sentence with added weight! I totally agree with your post #64,68. Todd and crew worked vary hard to settle the boat down and make it drivable. Also a 4th place and a 1st place finises dons't send a massage of dominance! I also heard that this change was no secret and they were not trying to slip it by anyone! So I guess that this is about not doing the paperwork in a timely fashion. Do I think its fair that the spiderman team is penalized no. Money regenerates the points do not, the weight doesn't't either. It cost a west coast team alot of money to compete on the east coast IE: traveling, maintenance to name a few. If it was about boating Todd could run one of his other boats around on the west coast and save alot of money.
Lord knows we (POPRA) could use more boats/participation. As far as threads like this one being good or bad I personally think there fine
until they get personal with other racers or officials. I personally know some of the officials. Paul Abreu,Mike Tomlinson, Van DePiero and Dee Kimes and I have the utmost respect for them they are all outstanding, honorable, and honist people also
I believe that the same person that hired them also hired the ones I don't know so I have to believe that they are of the same character!! APBA offshore is what it is today because of there hardwork.
Your Friend, Brian

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Treadwell, I wish someone would explain the weight issue also. Is it because their quad step hull works so well??? They were obviously weighed prior for APBA to allow them to race Super V so why add it now?? Someone must know.
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I guess I didnt make myself clear..its hard to do on a computer, but my suggestion was to have spec engines and homoed hulls in F1-2 and SVL, SCL. Thats for the guys that are looking for a turn key setup and dont want to look for a engine builder etc. But SC and SV should be limited to a 500ci NA motor with #6 drives and a weight. It should be eaiser for the inspect to check, CI is easy, all you need to do is pull the plugs, and weight is at the crane. If you want to try to limit speed, which I dont think you should, have a spec carb. The guys in those classes already have pit crews, big transporters etc and can afford to have any engine builder in the country build em engines. And there are hundreds. Why limit it to just 1 guy??? As for blowers, not a good idea, we seen what that does. Each team ought to be able to have its own engine program. The crummy builders will be weeded out.

Wasnt tryin to turn this into a soap. Just tryin to make things better. If you dont move ahead, your falling behind.
And I agree 100% if Skater screwed up with the current rules...shame on em
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Originally posted by DanB
Eventually the next guy will catch up and more hard work and money will be spent to get better.
Oh I get it.Constant ugrading like the Unlimited Hydroplanes, right?

They ended up with a few guys (& eventually just one) with $$ to craft innovation drove the class right to the brink of extinction.What works in the auto racing doesn't always mean it will work with boats.
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