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Hawk power, searace, Todd & what ever else he is know calling his company.

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Why would anyone want to be associated with Mark McManus??? Looks like he needs his head examined as well. Best of luck getting your money back, looks like the same old same old from all the posts.
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I think OSO should pull his links & adds off, so no one else will get burned!
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what a bash an advertiser you get poofed...advertisers screw members and ..uhhh which way did he go boss.
I hope this situation works out. There is a lot of cash being slolen about now
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Originally posted by Preuni
I have exactly the same problem with this Mr. Todd...ordered a fresh 502 MPI as advertised in the searace site and on the OSO board. 4 weeks ago after several telephone conversations with Mr. Todd I wired the money....
From then I did not hear from Todd again, no confirmation, no shipment info, nothing. He didnt respond to my emails and Iwas only able to talk to joyce...apparently he was dodging me.
When I finally got hold of him on the phone, he told me the engine was already sold because my wiring would have taken too long and that I had used a wrong email adress (the one that is STILL posted in his internet site) so that he didnt get my messages........strange, isnt it?
He tried to comfort me in waiting just another two days, then he would have another engine ready for me! And that was two weeks ago!
As I contacted him again he apologized for not having sent the motor using the excuse that he is too busy with all the "high tech" projects going on at the moment.......
Today I sent an email to sent back my money......then I wanted to start a thread on OSO about this.....guess how surprised I was when I found out that this thread was already on....
Rsforsey, I wanted that bulldog too, but was too late.....I guess I was lucky, but after reading all this I dont expect the 502 MPI to be any better......
Lets get in touch about how we deal with Mr. Todd, I am so fuc... mad!!!!
This guy needs to be stopped.............
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Risk Taker

We still don't have our money and we wired it to Todd on 5/12, And I called him Today, got Joyce told her this was his last chance that I have everything ready for the Attorney General and have hired a lawyer in his area, I gave him till the end of the day to contact me. I really will be shock if he call's , I think we have to contact OSO and request that they suspend him from advertising on this site also I have many more site's that he is on if we start to have all his link's pull out from his web site I am sure once they find out that he is using everyone's good name to scam people that they won't want to be attached to him... We will be with you on this one all the way till the end of MR TODD....
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Originally posted by Reindl Powerboats
Why would anyone want to be associated with Mark McManus??? Looks like he needs his head examined as well. Best of luck getting your money back, looks like the same old same old from all the posts.
What does Mark McManus have to do with this?

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I didn't catch that either.
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Well I have to chine in as well, A close friend of mine Tried buying an engine he was advertising a few weeks ago. He sent the money,( using a secured credit card) Hawk power said they received the money, and were shipping out the engine that day. Well a week went buy and when Pat called hawk, they acted surprised that he hadn't received it yet. So he went to the shipping company that he was told had picked up the Engine, and sure enough there was no record of shipment. When he called Hawk back, they couldn't produce the shipping slips or tracking numbers. Eventually hawk confessed that they had sold the engine to a walk in, and that they promised to build one ASAP!!!!
Pat wanted nothing to do with it anymore, and asked for his money to be reimbursed to the card. They never did, and Pat had to call the card company, and the card company eventually took back the money to credit his account..It's a good thing he did put it on a card... otherwise who knows what he would of had to of done to get his money back.

BTW Rforsey, If you want my friends name and number, to talk to him about his misshap with Hawk Power. Just PM me and I'll pass along his info.
Good luck

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Wow, sounds like this guy is bad to do business with, I have saw some of his older adds and thought Hawk was good to do business with, after reading this post i guess I was wrong.Wonder what he is spending his money on?women, drugs, fast boats, i guess he is not a business man, pay up Todd
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OSO Gods;

Maybe some self policing of these particular ads is in order now. Currently they are still up and with this controvesy ongoing maybe thought should be given to their removal or suspension until these issues are resolved. It seems as it would be in the board's best interest.
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