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Beware of Phil Magnotti of Orland Florida!!

Old 06-26-2003, 10:03 PM
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Well..I guess the Allmighty gods can see that this person is not just being trashed for the hell of it. He ripped someone off and theres no denying that. Additionally, other people that know him, know of him. So, maybe they dont see a liable case for allowing people to be warned of A$$HOLES like this.

Thanks board gods

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Yes, thank you to the administrator for not poofing this post. I especially want to thank all the great guys for the help. I hate having to put a post on over something like this but I feel if it saves 1 more guy from getting screwed its worth it!! If I knew he would be around I would certainly fly down there and find him. My guess is he'll just blow town now that his "cover" is blown. I hope that the guy who bought my parts reads this and contacts me. Personally I think a good 45acp round to the knee is a great way to have Phil think twice about screwing other people again. But thats "illegal"...I can only hope that he gets to spend some time in jail and be somebodys "wife".....he has 2 now maybe it's his turn! I have his bank information and serial numbers of the boat/parts if anyone wants them just ask. I'm looking forward to talking to "the Law" and seeing what can be done. This scumbag must be stopped!! And I need parts to finish my cigarette! Thanks guys for all the help.
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27 Cig,
Check your PM.
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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27, Sorry to hear of your lost, hope you get it all back and then some. Good Luck
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As tempting as it is to relaliate............better let the law handle this, sounds like he has plenty to worry about, he has broken several laws it seems....and mail fruad is a HUGE no no.....that's one for the feds.

I don't know Bruce, but I saw a pic of him and he looks like Randy Macho-Man Savage.......seriously.

I don't think I would want to see him show up at my door demading money....HeHeHe......and I'm 6'1" 200 or so.....
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Bruce is no slouch and if need be I'd join him
I am 6'3 280

Seriously, I am glad also post like this are not poofed. As long as they are true and not slanderous accustions wich doesn't seem to be the case here. Good luck 27

PS I'll be in Orlando Sunday
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Default guys are big. I used to go about 220 back in the power lifting days.....Looked more like 230-235, but I could never put on that much wieght....

I also am glad this thread is still alive, nothing like a little 3rd party reference to figure out if someone is a cheat. I hate thieves, so I'm glad this guy is getting roasted for what seems to be pretty obvious illegal actions at the expense of others.
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just 2 miles from me....
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Originally posted by IDRPSTF
Keep giving the Board Gods credit for not Poofing this thread. There have been times I have wanted to post a warning about some shady people in the industry as a warning. Not too long ago some poor guy posted that he had got taken from a person I almost started a thread about a week before. I could have saved another member some money and hard times. Thanks for letting us warn one another OSO!
A recent Supreme Court opinion held that a third party media provider(OSO), not involved in the content of the media (doesn't write the opinions), is not liable for the slanderous statements made by those that frequent the media posting device (you slandering/libeling phkrs). In short, defame away, OSO is not liable. Absent liability, there is less poofability.
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I am only a few miles from mark... hmm sounds like a lynch mob forming! haha...
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