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Sickness After Boating!!

Old 06-27-2003, 01:42 PM
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Sickness After Boating!!

After I've been out in the boat all weekend and get back on land I always feel a little queezy for the 1st few hours and can't eat anything. I never get sick while rocking around in the water and the pics in the "calling out all So. Cal boaters" thread remind me of how I get! I have had inner ear problems all my life and always thought it was because of that. Is this what vertigo is or am I just a weenie wart? Do any of you get the same affects? There is no better place to be and to enjoy a night than on a boat listening to the water when there is a full moon.

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Vertigo is diziness to the point of being bed ridden. Sounds like you have perhaps Sun or Food poisoning, a stomach virus or a touch of sea sickness.......

Just a guess, but I doubt that is vertigo. Inner ear illness and rocking seas may be an bit of an issue as well. I'm not a doc though....
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Eat fresh Ginger. The kind they have in Sushi Bars. It works for motion sickness. I used to eat some before flying every morning and also before Sea Trials with people who cant throttle. If that doest work, try throwing up on someone you don't like, that should make you feel better. Damn, I should have been a Doctor!
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Are you drinking too much?
j/k...but seriously, what you're describing it not too uncommon. Personally, I'm fine, but I've plenty of others out on the water who complain of this afterwards. Not seasick out on the water, just feels like your still rocking hours after being off the boat.
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I used to get sick most the time, If I ever looked down and the boat was rocking I would immediately feel sea-sick.. I seen many specialist and was diagnosed with a few things none of which were true. You could see a Ear nose and throat specialist and have him look you over. There is a condition called BPV Benign positional vertigo. Basically its crystals that form in your inner ear that come loose and bounce around and hit the little sensory hairs that gives you your balance. This can happen after a car crash or a severe jar to the scull or it can happen on its own.

I have treated my dizziness with a drug called Scopace its the same medicine (Scopalimine) that is in the sea sickness patches (transdermscop) but in a pill form. You take the pill and it starts helping within 1/2 Hour. I have been on it for about a year only 2 pills a day. (I have another condition in my brain stem that leaves me dizzy 24 hrs a day with out the drug) But you can take it on a casual basis too just keep taking it a few days after boating then go off. It does require a prescription.

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I think its cause your body gets used to the constant motion and when the grounds not moving you feel like you still are. Its like spinning around in circles, you don't get dizzy till you stop spinning. If I sleep on my boat the next day I'm always off kilter for most of the next day unless I stay on the boat, then I'm fine.
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Default Re: Sickness After Boating!!

Originally posted by Luvoffshore
.........or am I just a weenie wart?

Yep....that's what it is.
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Originally posted by Raypanic
I have been on it for about a year only 2 pills a day. (I have another condition in my brain stem that leaves me dizzy 24 hrs a day with out the drug)
That condition is called "being a boater"
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Look into the carbon minoxide thery, just a thought.
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It is not vertigo. I have vertigo and it is much worst than you are describing. With vertigo, you can't turn your head, much less walk when it acts up. It is absolutely horrible. I had a bad inner ear infection that left me with vertigo and some hearing loss. I also get what you are describing, but a bit worst. Try going to your local drug store and ask them for Meclizine. They are 25mg. tablets (chewable too) that chould help you out. This is basically what gets me though everyday, although it is a stronger dose. BTW, I am not a doctor. If it really starts to bother you, go to an ear,nose, and throat specialists and he should be able to help you out.
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