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OT: How did we survive ???

Old 07-02-2003, 09:34 AM
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Had my 5 speed Raleigh chopper with the long sissy bar and my banana bike I cut the front forks off and hammered 3'extensions with wheelie bars on then rode all day in Boston traffic. Raced cars with my Honda XR75 on the highway got my first ticket by a registry cop at 12yrs old racing a camaro clocked at 72 mph (grounded for a month). I feel so old now I'm glad I can still remember.....
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We also would get our mouths washed out with soap and go to bed without dinner and get the wooden or metal spoon across our bare azz. Today that would be consider attempted murder for the soap and no dinner and the spoon or belt across the azz would be assault with a deadly weapon. When I was young MTV just came out as did Nintendo and Atari. We might have played for 20 minutes while having lunch then it was back outside riding the dirt bikes, playing war with cap guns, shooting BB guns, swimming in every pool in the neighborhood in one afternoon and not wanting to come in and go to bed at 9:00 at night. We wanted to stay up and OUTSIDE all night if we could. To this day I cannot stand being in doors. As soon as I get out of work it OUTSIDE for me regardless of weather.
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Originally posted by Tim G.
My Dad had slingshots.....
AAhhhh yes, I almost forgot about the ol' Wrist Rocket. Many a pebble was fired in my youth. I was more excited about getting that than my Crossman pellet rifle.......
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when I grew up we were poor, so for entertainment we would go outside and beat piss ants with a sledge hammer missed once and smashed your toe and then got your aZZ beat by mom for doing something so stupid, then get your azz beat again later for leaving dads hammer out in the yard
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Born in 63 in a lower middle income in PA. I got to say AMEN. I did wear a helmet though for as many times as I biffed on my dirt bike it was critical to my survival. Helmets also work well to protect the eyes when you and your friends would play army with BB guns

My kids have so many toys it makes me sick (no I don't buy them). Give them a box, paper, crayons, some pieces of wood, hammer and nails and watch what comes of it.

Let's form a new nation:

1. It's not my fault...outlawed.
2. Spill coffee on your lap (remember McD's) you get a napkin and new coffee for free.
3. Lawyers...outlawed.
4. Taking responsibility for your actions rewarded (instead of being the scape goat)
5. Promotion based on merit only!
6. Being a good Samaritan is rewarded (not sued for malpractice)
7. Being a butt head received a verbal castration followed by a good old fashioned butt kicking.
8. Go to customer service and being helped by someone who actually is interested.
9. Courtesy and common sense is the LAW

Feel feel to add.
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Me and my friends did all that. One question though. What happened? Where along the way did the dumb ****, lawyers, educators, polititians, and so on, forget their upbringing? Many of those dumbasses did the same thing. Or were they the ones that were unable to deal with disappointment? They couldn't have all had crappy childhoods...could they?

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I agree with:

how did we survive? The fear of death by gettin a beating from our parents!! Thats how!!!

Also to add: Have a continuous gang war with the kids on the other street and go out into the woods to play jungle bunny. We would all make spears out of any branches we could find and one group hide while the other hunts them down. Obviously the first group had the upper hand with an ambush to the 2nd group! To this day I don't know how I got thru my childhood after that!
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Old 07-05-2003, 05:46 AM
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we don't live in the same world we grew up in. It's scary what will happen as this next generation enters the work force. I'm already seeing it. I have 19 year olds call in "tired". I'm tired too, - but I still need to go to work, there are things that need done and I still need a paycheck. Then they get pissed when they can't afford a new convertible... - guess they shouldn't have been so tired.
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Originally posted by jr
Me and my friends did all that. One question though. What happened?

Can you say "Entitlement"!

People learned that the great right, freedom, and responsibility of free elections also provides a terrible weakness in our country. Anyone's vote can be sold. Maybe not openly, but by politicians promising something such as social handouts in return for nothing - but a vote!

I can't remember the exact numbers, but I heard that today nearly 1/2 of US persons eligible to vote now receives more handouts from the government than they pay in all taxes combined! Think about that. Once this group figures out that they have the ability to control the government completely through elected officials, they will be able to leagally increase taxes endlessly on the "new minority" and provide "unlimited" advantages for their own group.

Can you say "Revolution"!

Remember, "Insanity is simply a numbers game." If and when more people are insane under the current definition of insanity, then the definitions will flip and the currently sane persons will be tomorrows insane!

Ready to go nuts???

Please stand back as I step down off my soapbox!! After all, it's beautiful outside, the boat is running great and we've still got two more days to play on the water!!!

Life is good!

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Originally posted by Wally
how did we survive? The fear of death by gettin a beating from our parents!! Thats how!!!
Yep. I remember years back....doing something stupid, mom would call dad, and when dad got home I would be hiding in my closet, basement, under bed, in corner, anything hoping he would forget that phone call.
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