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Allison Trans Problems

Old 07-30-2003, 12:02 AM
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Default Allison Trans Problems

I guess I should have never posted what a great combo my 8.1 with allison was a couple weeks ago

Isn't it just my damn luck with the 36k factory warranty expiring just 1200 miles ago.
Anybody else had any problems with allisons????

It was strange when it started acting up. Wasn't pulling anything and hadn't for about a week. Had driven about 10 miles and just started from a stop sign and went about a 100 feet and then it was like it was in neutral. Let off the gas then gave it gas and it reengaged. Check Engine Soon light also came on. Tranny temp guage was fine at 180*. I was almost home and drove around the block. It was working but not shifting normal. Then turned into a dead end and put it in reverse and nothing-- just like it was in neutral. Put it into all forward gears and nothing. Rolled it to a parking spot,put it in park and turned the truck off. Restarted it and it was fine other then the check engine light still being on. Drove it a couple blocks home.
Called the dealer and made an appointment to take it in. Left for the dealer and it was normal except for the check engine light. Drove about 1/2 mile and the check engine light went off.
Talked to the dealer and they pulled a stored code out of the computer that was something to do with the trans. Person I talked to wasn't sure exactly what the code showed. The Tech was able to replicate the problem though. Person said the Tech working on it was on the GM tech hotline and they said to pull the pan and check for metal and she wanted my ok to do it. She then says if there is metal, that I will need a new trans and that she would have to price them out. WTF???? Come on, this is the indestructible, super HD allison and this truck is barely out of warranty. No way this thing should have a problem, unless it had something defective from the factory. Its not even due for a fluid change till 50k. I then ask for the name of the district rep. and tell her that the pan was just off 2000 miles ago because the pan gasket and shift linkage seals had a very small leaks and there wasn't a problem or any metal then. "Really???" She then tells me that they will know more in the morning when they get the pan off.

Any GM techs, allison experts, or anyone with similar problems have any idea what could be wrong????
I checked the fluid and it was full and looked fine. No metal or burnt smell. It has a factory tranny temp guage and has never gone over the recommended 210*.
Maybe just a computer problem in the trans???

What are the chances of getting Chevy to cover this, since I have documented that the trans was just apart because of the leaks??? Whats the best way to try and get them to cover it???
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Old 07-31-2003, 06:08 PM
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I'm sure they'll cover it , sounds like a software or computer problem. This is why I stick to manual trans. no matter who makes the automatic they are a constant pain in the ass.
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