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Hi every one

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Sounds to me like it can all be worked out...
And maybe Summer could still end up with a boat?
That is, if he still would like one...
OffshoreModel, I'll continue to run your link on my site as long as this turns out honorably... Which I am sure it will...

Now, as far as the engines go... "Would you like to supersize that?"
Here is a must see link: Ken's Miniatures

The videos are a must see!!! PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!
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Lets give Eddy a good old fashioned a$$ whippin'. Summer Obsession I'm sorry to here that this %uck stole your hard earned 2k.
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Originally posted by KiloKat
SS930 - not as fast but almost as loud. These noise these things make is like Troutly said - "annoying". Maybe the expansion chamber has something to do with it.


Who makes that hull??

Scott B

Got ducks to chase on the lake here... Occasionaly kids in canoes too :EEK:
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One has to remember that there are always two sides to every sorry. I have a business to run and some thing to sort out with John not some guy that has not all the incite on the situation. There is a point were slander comes into play. I know I also have a board of my own and have seen this Kind of thing in the past. Also any time some one posts they represent the hole board to those looking in and guys with the killem first and ask questions later don't make for a stable welcome group of guys. This needs to be finished off line and the results posed by John himself when is settled. I feel if my business suffers from the words of people that are not in involved I will be forced to take console with my attorney. I didn't want this to come to this but if some was slamming your board you sure would not take it lightly. I hope to have proven to John that I was lead to believe he was paid . Hell I haven't heard from him in over a year if someone didn't pay me I would be calling and its not as if I am not able to be found. John has my phone numbers even my cell phone. These boards are not god and don't have the rights to decide the fate of some one and if they should get an ass beating or not. Remember what guys post reflects the board as one.
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Sounds like it's all going to be made right, so lets give the gentleman a chance to do so before anymore negativity!

I'm glad to see this get worked out. Please updated us when it does. Until then maybe we should go on with business...
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