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Smile Hello

Hi, How is everyone. I am new to OSO, so be gentle :-)

My main reason for joining is to get as much advice as I can on buying a boat.

I'm looking for a leisure boat. One that will be good for kids also. I've been told to check out bayliners. But there hasn't been anything to really catch my eye. I have a few months to buy. So I can take my time too.

Any advice would be great!
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welcome to the board, and as a gesture of kindness I can save you a huge headache, don't buy a Bayliner
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And I agree with Just Once.
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Hi! Welcome to the forum! Good to have another female here!

I agree with no to bayliner.

I have a Searay and a Donzi sport deck, my daughter (8 years old) loves both. The Donzi however has alot more room and is faster. Great for tubing/skiing or just running the lake.

Take your time and look around, I'm sure the forum members here will give you some ideas also. Its a very educated group here! They know everything about boats!
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Yes, it is always great to see another female on board!

Good luck with your search for a boat.
I agree with Donzigirl, this place has a ton of very educated people in the boating world.

Take your time and make sure you find what is best for you. I know I could not have found the boat of my dreams without these people and this place.

Let your search begin!!!!!!!
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Hello LovlyLady!

First and foremost welcome to the board! What size boat are you thinking of and where will you be doing the majority of your boating? Will you be trailering the boat or putting it in a slip? What are your main priorities (skiing, tubing, cruising, overnighting, etc.)?

Answering these questions will help us help you!!!
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Welcome to the #1 website for performance boaters !!! Dave
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First advise. Lie down til the urge to buy a boat goes away. Your checkbook will thank you.

Second, you may not have as much time as you think to buy. In the spring prices go up, because it is boating season. Also, it has been a buyer's market for the past year or so, because the economy has been weak and trying to come back. My limited review is that luxury item prices such as for motorcycles and boats have been down by about 20%. (Anyone wanna chime in on that one?) It looks as though the economy may be stronger in the spring, so prices could rise for that reason also. If you are financing, interest rates seem to be inching up as well.

Finally, if you are new to boating and/or high performance engines, GET SOMETHING UNDER WARRANTY!!! Take it from someone who learned the hard way.

Hope you enjoy your purchase.
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Thumbs up

Bayliner is okay if your going to boat on inland lakes that are smooth. If you donít plan on keeping the boat for more than 5 years and youíre looking for a lower priced boat then a Bayliner might be right for you. If you are planning to keep it for 5 or more years and do a lot of boating, you want to look at a better boat. Sea-Ray is a very good leisure boat and Cobalt is even better. It just depends on how much you want to spend. Both Sea-Ray and Cobalts are the best and have been building quality that is second to none for many-many years. Not to mention their resale value is among the very top.

Good luck with your purchase, Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy quality family time

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I want to chime in here with kaamascarab also. If you've never owned a boat before I reccomend looking at new ones also with a warrenty.

The SeaRay I have is our first boat, we bought it as a second owner. Us being naive thinking it wasn't used much and was in a garage, hardly ever used made us think its the perfect boat! WRONG! Almost everythings been replaced on the engine and lower unit by us! We've got so much money in it now, we'd loose our butts if we tried to sell it. LOL
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