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Enjoy the show
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Buy as much boat and as much Horsepower as you can afford.

Boats seem to shrink when they hit the water and you'll always want a bigger and faster one. So go bigger and faster from the start.
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Yes, they do shrink. We almost bought a 5 seat 2+3 Checkmate with a OB when looking a few years ago....We ended up with a 20' Baja, legally holds 8. It is very small at times with 5 people on it.
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Welcome!... noooo bayliner.. no matter WHAT!
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LOL, well ok. Something tells me to take your word on the bayliner. I will have it on Lake St.Clair slips trailors ect.. I am looking for something newer and 24ft or bigger. Something to sleep on with my little one.
I am so excited about a boat. I dated a guy once with a boat and have wanted one every sense.
I know me though I tend to be a bit impulsive so I am making myself take my time with this.
Thanks for all the welcomes.
How about searays??? ugghh the pressure!
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Stay away from the bayliners..

Just remember that it is easy to slow down, but to go faster takes a whole lot of money.
In other words it is better to get a boat that will go faster than you think you want to go. Othewise it will cost a whole lot to get you there.

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Check out Bryant, Regal, or Chaparral. I would probably go with the Chaparral personally.
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Welcome gorgeous Another one to look into is searay. It just depends on what your boating style is..

By any chance are you single?
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Welcome aboard LovlyLady426!
Well, It sounds like you got the picture on the Bayliner...

Boat Show season is coming upon us over the winter. Probably the best time to cut your best deal. Whatever you decide to go with, checkout the shows. If you are determined to buy, wait until the last day of the show, especially if a show had been low in attendance. The dealer will go as far as he has to to make a sale. You may end up with many extras such as extended warranties and Coast Guard Packages for free.

A good family friendly/performance boat I found so far is Checkmate. Superboat also makes a nice 24 footer...

If you are looking for something used, checkout my website for Links to over 100 Classified websites. They are at the bottom of the Classified page at
Happy shopping....

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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Originally posted by Travis
Welcome gorgeous

By any chance are you single?
My best advice to you is stay away from bayliners and Traviss!!
Seriously, if you are looking for a well built performance boat with some comfort look at Sonic. You can get a lot of boat for the money. Good luck, and don't buy ANYTHING without a survey. May be the best boating money you ever spend.

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Welcome! Good Luck and have fun! Don't take some of the things said on these posts to heart.

Oh don't buy a Baja opps I mean bayliner

( That was a joke)

Hey by the way got a picture ?
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