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Brioschi/Reliable Wreck! must see pics!

Old 10-21-2003, 03:09 AM
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Very interesting pictures. Michael, while I am not a huge fan of NASCAR I can apreciate what goes into the cars. Even though the cars apear to not look much different over the years as a builder I am sure you know more then I the very subtle changes that you guys have made hear and there to PERFECT what you have. That is what I always used to like about the european cars. They never felt the need to change the entire car just make a small change hear and there and perfect what they had. Mean while the American car Manufacturers had to come up with something TOTALLY new every couple years. But I digress. If they are starting the races while the racers are in a turn that is a little scarry to me. I have never seen a start like that before. I hope that every one is ok and it was just some exchanged glass.

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Originally posted by gdfatha

Nick (Photographer of the year) Did you ask the Speedchannel guys if they caught the incident??

I was about 10 feet from the Speedchannel guys on top of the pier. He missed both wrecks and was pissed! I hope the other cameras got the action.
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Old 10-21-2003, 08:51 AM
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How about a figure 8?
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Since APBA has been trying to start the boats differently this year, than in past years maybe the teams would have a better idea ?

You could start the field off in a two by two grid, either based on a qualifing lap speed, or inverted based on points. Best boats start in the back, slowest (or newest) up front. Would make for more passing.

The top speeds are very simular in a kilo set up, but watching them go down the front straight the boats do spread out based on how they are set up.
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Default Re: Re: I'm confused....

Originally posted by Too Old
Short straightaways and wide turns I suppose.
Let's skip all the intermediate steps and go straight to the ultimate conclusion then - a giant circle: Skidpad racing.
(Hmmmm - based on that thinking, Richmond IS the ultimate venue....)

OK, OK - the layout may not have been the best, but at the end of LeMans' 240+ mph straight is a 30 mph hairpin. However, it is pretty well into the lap, and the cars have had time to spread out somewhat. I agree that the long-straightaway-before-a-wide-frist-turn concept makes the most sense. Ultimately, the decision as to where to put the boat and when to to lift and/or turn is still up to the racers.
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Default More Rules???

More Rules....More Rules....Please! Enough with the friggin Rules.

I watched the entire wreck. ....That portion of the course was probably a little to tight for 140mph machines with no brakes. no one can argue that it wasn't. If you do... your an idiot.

And however brash, controversial and (my opinion)somewhat detached from their fan base APBA Offshore is. They have to know (unlike Nascar) We Do Not want to see boat wrecks.

If the Supercat owners and drivers feel it's to dangerous to run let them decide as a group. STICK TOGETHER as a group. And make/force appropriate changes.

If the sanctioning body does not want to listen to them ...well they can go somewhere else to race. c Make no mistake about it, F1 is cool ,F2 is neat to relate too. Supercat light is exciting..PX give's you wood!


Say no to over regulated motorsports.

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Enjoy the show
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APBA does have a rule about holding your lane in the turns. However, without white lines and something stickier than water to grip onto, it's tough to know your holding your lane.

Was WHM the inner most boat at the start?
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Old 10-21-2003, 11:23 AM
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I do not think you can avoid an any accident. The only thing you can do is to make things safer. I am happy to see that no-one is hurt accept ego's and fiberglass.
There is a lot to learn from what happened this weekend.

Gerry is taking a lot of crap for this but he is a professional racer and he is paid to win. He pushes the limits and he never seems to be far from the front.

The lack of power is making people push to be out front and make up time in the corner.

Solution: Increase stability in corners, allow for hull changes, unrestrict evolution in design and performance.

pat W
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"Tom Abrams, Reliable's driver, told officials he was pushed inside by another boat. When he tried to correct his position, the boat flipped, clipping Brioschi's hull." from the press release on the APBA site.

Now if this is true is has nothing to do with the "turn" itself. If Tom had to pull his turn tighter and was forced to cross a wake and if the boat got a little air it most likely started to flat spin and then rolled.
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Old 10-21-2003, 11:40 AM
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From this photo, it looks like everyone was in their own lane approaching the turn.

Maybe they caught a sponson on someone else's wake.

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