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O/T Your most admired people

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Catman is right it is Will Chamberlain not Magic.
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I admire Michael Jordan. I just want to know what he thinks he is in others eyes. Does he know how damn good he was at one time and what does he think of that. I dont give a crap what he says, hard work will only get you so far, it takes pure skill and athleticism to accomplish what he has. The ones I admire the most are my parents. My Mom and Father are two of the greatest people on this planet. I talk to both almost every day, my Dad is probably my best friend.
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Cat, you might find this thought provoking.

People will say Creationism is faith based, and Evolution is science based, implying Evolution is better or more reasonable.

Science is observing what happens in specific situations and drawing conclusions from it.

Creation and Evolution are BOTH faith based, because you can't repeat either in an experiment. It takes faith to believe either of them. You can use science to see which "theory" the collectible, observable data seems to fit better with, but that's all.

Darwin was on a crusade of sorts to try and prove our existance without God. The English Royalty claimed that they were "Divinely Appointed" (which meant no arguing about whether they should be the rulers or not), and everyone else was getting tired of it. They realized that if someone could "prove" that we could be here without a God having created us, then there might not be any God putting them in charge.

Just before Darwin's death he realized that while micro-evolution seemed true (Micro = changes from one type of dog into another type of dog, Macro = changes from a dog into a cat), macro-evolution was not looking good.

This is actually a great discussion to have, if it can be done without quickly deteriorating into a name calling rant.

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Tough question. I've been fortunate to be able to speak with many people that I admired, both famous and "unknown". Among those I haven't had the chance:

1. Ronald Reagan. He was the one who presided over the downfall of the Soviet Union. It will be sometime before history determines the full impact of that.

2. Henry Ford. Cantankerous and tough, he once said "Whether you believe that you can, or you believe that you can't, you're absolutely right". That always intrigued me.

3. Abraham Lincoln. What a tough, tough time he lived through.

4. Ben Franklin. Brilliant in so many ways.

5. Da Vinci. Wow.
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1. My father who passed away 30 years ago, I still miss him.
2. My wifes father who passed on 21 years ago. I never met him but he Loved boats, my wife is alot like him in that sense.
3. God even though I'm not very religious
4. Bill Gates...Microsoft Offshore Racing Team...... sounds nice
5. Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 .....a legend
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RA, a very touching post.I wish i could have met your father because all of the Rowland family are great people! Your father would be proud of all of you!!
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Thanks warpaint, I think thats the nicest thing you have ever said to me!! Drinks are on me!!
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My father, from whom I have inherited the most.
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1) my dad who passed in 1971 and will always be my

2) My mom who passed in 1983

3) My friend Tom who was killed in Apple Valley, Ca.,
this past June in a car accident

4) Sadie, my fifth Doberman who lived 14 years, to tell
her she was my best friend ever.

5) Charles Bronson
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