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Default The New POWERBOAT Mag, the REAL TRUTH!!

I just got a look at the new powerboat,and once again the photographers got an series of great pictures.
This is the issue that was going to have the pictures that proved that we were at fault for the donzi crashing into the paceboat in st pete.

As far as i can see and please feel free to correct me if im wrong but it sure doesnt look like we had anything to do with that accident. that is unless i was parallel parking my boat in the first picture of the series. because that is the only way the two boats would end up at those angels as seen in the pic.

it also seems that since donzi does advertising with them and miccosukee doesnt, that they only got donzis side of the story and not ours.

It also seems funny that the riding crew from the donzi stated after the race that they were unaware that they hit the pace boat, but during an interview on the dock after the race they made a statement pertaing to the crash and they knew then they hit the boat. i guess they forgot.

it also seems that lee murray made a comment to a fellow racer that they came into the turn too hot and lost control.

As far as penalties i remember that the donzi had a probation period that stated they would be suspended if they were involved in any other driving related infractions. so what was the penalty for in orange beach? I know starting in the wrong lane thus a driving infraction. Has anyone seen the suspension yet?

So in conclusion if apba wants to try and blame the crash on someone (with outside help from bob teague ) i do beleive that it all falls on donzi and not miccosukee. as always everything always comes out sooner or later.

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After seeing the photos AND the Speedvision footage last weekend of the crash, how could ANYONE place blame on you guys?????????????????????????????
You were holding your line, maintaining speed
(& just starting to slow for the turn).
Forgive me if I'm wrong but I saw it in full living color, Donzi came in HOT & a little out of control, crossed your wake in what seemed to be a little confusion on their part, turned way too early, hooked & LAM BASTED our very own OSO board God Steve, Titos, & the other guy (the name escapes me at this time) and the SWEET GMC Pace Boat.
As I said right after the race, HOW could they possibly get back up on plane without checking on the fate of the people they just hit???? They also completely missed the turn buoy.
How could apba place ANY blame on you? It really looks like a little corporate sponsor favoritism to me.
This is COMPLETE BS and is EXACTLY why apba llc is getting so much s*it.
From canceled races days before an event, boats impounded for non payment and multiple threats from particular board members. Someone needs a serious corporate overhaul.

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From what I saw of the video Team Donzi was way too close to the turn bouy and was trying to race thru a yellow zone to gain ground. They should have been black flagged and served some hefty fines. That could have been a very serious situation. There is alot of race course on the water but they did not care for someone else's life, just getting ahead.
My thoughts.
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Get the pop corn !! Expo and Mike A. , it's been a while!!, oh the memories !!!
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"Rubbin is racin"
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Thsnk you Mike A.

Scott B
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Well, you know what they say....A picture is worth a thousand words...

Now that we have seen the TV show, the photos in Powerboat, and heard from the t-man on board Miccosookie, and Mike A...where does that leave us (the poor, unsuspecting, racing audience)? If there is footage that will show that Todd and Brett were at fault...why was it not on the TV show? It showed the crash..why not show what led to the incident? Why not show the racers so they can learn to avoid future accidents of this nature. I am still laughing at how Team Donzi had no idea that they had hit the paceboat...C'mon can do better than that!
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Mike A

Since you have a better view than all of us on this
and we haven't seen what you saw on video
we will have to trust you that it was an honest mistake that caused the accident

With that said

what is the position of APBA regarding the fact that the Donzi Team did not provide assistance to the pace boat guys after they ran into them ???

or did we miss something

don't the rules provide for them to regain their position if they stop to offer assistance ?? thus not harming there points chase?

Were they in the right or in the wrong when it came to how they handled the situation once they hit the pace boat >??

not trying to start an argument i am truly interested in the protocall for that part of the incident
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ok here we go!!!!

The video that M A is refering to is not a "video" it was shot from an m peg camera and then "edited" back together and really doesnt show that much.
As far as bob teague was concerned why was he allowed to argue donzis case and we were not even involved or spoken to before the decesion was made other than the conversationm ibn our rv at thwe race site?

Why is team donzi not suspended after there driving infraction in orange beach?

Why were we never formally notified of or penalty to this day?

why does our team owner not know of his penalty other than reading this board.

why weere we never spoken to in detail by mike tomlinson yet they spoke to bob teague who was a side line spectator in this insident?

just a little bit to get it going.

gotta go to work will return later!!!!!!!
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Here we go,the old 3 sides to every story thing.

Expo,you pose some interesting questions that I hope MikeA will answer.
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