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Boat Technology


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Sean -
A very merry christmas to you and yours !
Gimme' a shout when you have a chance...
All the best,
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Hans, drop me a line sometime. Love the thread everyone.
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The is a story behind that picture though to make it do the flight it did in that picture. Believe me they don't fly like that all the time. In that series of photos and video as well they had lost a trim pump and had her loosened up pretty good and caught a rogue wave and punched the nose up in the air. If you ask me most other boats would have had the occupants in the drink. Also you have to remember that they were running for first place in that race which was the 1985 worlds.

Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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If a batboat hit the same wave as the apache in the pic, it to would have headed for the moon ! That had to be a straight flat faced mother of a rogue ! My experience in the bat was truly amazing for a little boat, yes they fly level and require little as far as triming or throttling. They are on the outer edge of even being called a boat as we understand them, with a tiny wetted beam. I found myself to big ( beat my helmet non stop on the canopy) and the damn thing amazingly WET, its got more in common with a deck launched torpedo than a boat ! I can't imagine one without a canopy ! I would very much like to see how the design holds up when it has to provide real world dimensions ( beam) and a reasonable cockpit, storage ect...

BTW I've run next to bats in rough conditions and been amazed at how well they handled it, untill we got bored and left They're great little boats but lets not get carried away
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Originally posted by WickedWon
I They're great little boats but lets not get carried away
I have rode in them a few times, and thet are amazing, but extremely one dimensional. Difficult to dock, impossible to raft and no room for anything but a couple of people. It seems to me this whole thread comes back to real world applications. What does it take to make a boat comfortable, usefull and reliable.
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I've never been in a Bat boat. Sounds like I need to try one out. Never though about buying one, but the more I hear about them the more interested I become.

Sorry to get off track, maybe I'll pull up one of the Bat threads and continue this there.
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Old 12-26-2003, 01:50 PM
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Default Re: Stinson Knows Of What He Speaks

SPEED x BEATING x PUCKER FACTOR equation [/B][/QUOTE] hahahahahha.... too funny,,, Gotta love the pucker factor.....
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