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Cop Q- Is this legal???

Old 01-01-2004, 01:44 PM
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Originally posted by HyperBaja
That just made way to much sense.

I am WAY WAY ahead of the game.

So the real story comes out.
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Old 01-01-2004, 02:18 PM
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What in the world are you doing to piss the cops off?? I have been pulled over more then my fair share but I have got out of 75% of the tickets by being respectful and honest. I don't think there is a memo to look out for you but you are doing something to catch their eye... so what is it you little punk ass?? What are you leaving out..? they don't just start throwing people around as much as they do to you
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Hyper, I don't know what you do or say tp piss off cops, but it is definately something.

A cop needs reasonable suspicion to stop you and investigate. "Reasonable Suspicion" is an articuable suspicion that a crime has been or is about to be committed.
When you are stopped the cop can talk to you and ask you questions which may give him Probable Cause to detain you further.
Depending on your demeanor, attitude, what you say, your prior record and the cops personal knowledge of you, the cop can pat you down for his own safety.

A search can be done incident to arrest. If the curfew violation is a misdemeanor, then he can search you and your car.

A far as following you with his lights off, sure he can do that. He's allowed to violate traffic laws to stop a vehicle. Doesn't a cop have to speed to catch up with a speeder????? Whats the diff as long as he doesn't cause an imminent danger to someone???

It also seems like this cop went way out of his way to F*** with you. He did it for a reason. You got on his chit list or someone elses. Thats for sure.

My advice is to use proper responses to his questions. That would include, "Yes Sir," "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that.....," and "I apologize, I did not know that....."

If you try and question an officers methods, are accusing of him acting outside the law, and think you know more than him/me, I guarantee you will get a lesson in what not to do or say along with a tickets for violations that you didn't know exsisted.
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Old 01-01-2004, 05:58 PM
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Default Re: Cop Q- Is this legal???

Originally posted by HyperBaja
Got pulled over. 5 min before curfew. Cop claimed I would be out, so he was saving himself the trouble of finding me 5 min from now. Followed me, 2 blocks, with his HEADLIGHTS OFF, now again, this is 11:55pm. made us all get out, threw me and a friend up against the car, searched us, searched my car, claimed my friend was drunk, which he wasnt.

Now, was any of what he did legal?

I am never allowed in this "City" again.
SO HOW MANY CITY"S do you want to be banned in?
How many have?
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im a young kid(20) and i learned the hard way, sounds like your taking the path i was on, i had a very flashy car (formula firehawk) every cop in town new my car,i was getting tickets all the time, i just never complained about it, took it like a man and either payed them or fought them so i wouldnt end up with points, anyways long story short, i messed around bad, 18 points on my liscence, 1 year drivers liscence suspension, so im screwed myself bad.
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good post skwotastropy81 !

hyper , it doesnt matter if the stop was legit or not...........................this time!

clean up your act and eventually they will leave you alone.

most of us , probably all of us speed/freedom junkies have been down the same road as you.

you can continue to screw around and maybe lose your license and certainly a hell of alot of money or you can tow the line and enjoy better toys then your friends that wont wise up.

cops see some gruesome car wrecks on a daily basis and they dont want you to end up in one or cause one.
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A few cops in town knew I was a "runner". I had run several times, and had never been stopped when I was running. Right or wrong (depending on what side you viewed it from) if I had run, I never went back to my house in the "tainted" vehicle.

I wouldn't run if I had no good outlet, so I still got my share of tickets. One time a cop gave me a ticket for brake lights not working. This same cop was the big brother of a guy I raced mx with. He casually told me that there was a kid on town who had become a high priority. He mentioned that the first cop who could nail a certain kid for running fro the law was getting a bonus, and that they already knew who it was and that even if he lost them, that they would be waiting on his doorstep and that kid better think real hard about whether it was worth it or not. He also said that this was the first ticket he had ever given for something stupid like brake lights and that maybe this encounter was for some REASON...

Made me think.

I believe that was the event that helped me realize that the public streets weren't my personal playground.

I still did ungodly things in cars from then on, but I definitely became much more selective about where and how often.

From 16 to 19, I had too many tickets, had to go to hearings about my points, went to driver's schools, had to watch the tapes, got on probation, double-probation, and super secret mega triple probation. I did public service work, I worked at the recycling center, picked up trash, cleaned up the city ballparks, all the stuff i could do to keep my license.

One day, it just didn't seem as important to be in a throttle down 4 wheel drift through every single neighborhod corner (or on three wheels in the Jeep all the time).
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Old 01-01-2004, 08:58 PM
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Just remember, your attitude can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. I have let people off with warnings or a lesser offense if they had the right attitude. When they had the wrong attitude, they got tickets, sometimes more than one, and possibly got the car towed depending on the violation. Just keep in mind, the better your attitude, the better the situation will turn out. I know this from experience on both sides of the stops.
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Hyper, unless they have changed the law in the past 5 yrs. Ohio law states that if you reccive 2 moving violations before turning 18 you liscense is revoked for 1 year and deystroyed by the BMV. You then ordered to take a "bad kid driver" class which is long and expensive, then you have to retake the permit test to get your permit then, once you obtain your permit, you then have to take your driving test over to get a new liscence. Now you are considered "high risk" to insurance companies and have to pay ungodly premiums for junk vehicles. Several of my friends had this happen back when we were your age and they are still dealing with the consequenses today

Keep it up a few more times and then comes the "maxed out points" revokation wich I currently have a friend going thru, and all I have to say about that is, YOU ABSOLUTELY DONT WANT TO GO THERE!!

I'm done get any more traffic stops and Packinair and I are gonna come and smack you around some
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