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Cop Q- Is this legal???

Old 01-01-2004, 02:12 AM
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Default Cop Q- Is this legal???

Got pulled over. 5 min before curfew. Cop claimed I would be out, so he was saving himself the trouble of finding me 5 min from now. Followed me, 2 blocks, with his HEADLIGHTS OFF, now again, this is 11:55pm. made us all get out, threw me and a friend up against the car, searched us, searched my car, claimed my friend was drunk, which he wasnt.

Now, was any of what he did legal?

I am never allowed in this "City" again.
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Old 01-01-2004, 02:34 AM
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How far were you away from home?

Put your best foot forward!
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curfew? never heard of such a this not america, the land of the free?????
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you get polloed oveor alott you p utsz
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If the only reason why he stopped you was because of your age, a minor, and the curfew law, not in effect for 5 more minutes, then no. It was a bad stop. I did think his reasoning was pretty funny though. What was the reason for getting you guys out of the car? Did he have any probably cause or not. Not completely sure on Ohio law but in Pa. I need to be able to articulate why I am getting somebody out of car. Not as simple as "Hey, get out of the car." You can articulate the searching parts. Especially searching your persons, for weapons. Legally allowed to do that. Now the car, once again, in Pa. Need to get permission or have probable cause. If I have the cause but no permission, then I can secure your car, get warrant, and tear it apart literally looking through it. Yes, I have seen crowbars used to search a car before. But the 4th amendment should cover even you guys from unreasonable searches and seizures, which is what the entire episode was. As far as your friend, if he was underage and had anything to drink at all, better off just letting that one go. Dont have to be drunk for an underage drinking offense. The question should be did he have anything to drink at all??

So to answer the question as presented above, some is legal and some is a bad call on his part. If any criminal charges would have come out of the incident, any competent attorney would get them thrown out. Its all reletive to where you live. Growing up in the city, didnt matter if the stop was bad or not. If they stopped you, you complied and kept your mouth shut. If you opened it, they would close it for you. Nobody complained, it was the rules of the street at the time. But times have changed. Alot.
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Old 01-01-2004, 06:34 AM
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Did the cop issues any tickets?
Did he confiscate anything?
Was your friend taken to jail for being drunk?

If the answer is no, I'd let it drop.

I had a similar instance happen many years ago at the Jersey shore.
Buddy and I were crusing around, turned down a side street, cop followed behind, then another cop came from in front and both blocked the road with their cars.
The two cops (one bad, one good) walked up, bad cop ordered us out of the car, was told to "assume the position", was frisked, asked if we had any drugs, asked if he could search the car. I gave permission since I knew it was clean. Bad cop found my switch blade in the glove box and confiscated it. He also emptied the contents of my car and its trunk onto the ground. Finding nothing else they let us go. Good cop apologized and helped put all my stuff back in the car.
Both of use were just glad to get the hell out. We never did tell our parents. We just let it drop.
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Old 01-01-2004, 07:50 AM
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You've posted more times then not about your car arrest antics and various tickets.
Now I hate to preach but you are setting yourself up for a world of sh!t regarding your driving record, you might be frustrated and think the world is against you but here are a few facts.
-Computers never forget so here is what you are looking at down the line;
-Practically a lifetime of driving crappy cars because you will not be able to get insurance.
-Practically a lifetime of boating in POS boats because you will not be able to get insurance. Save for mooching rides but not driving and that sucks.
-A very shrinking job market because a LOT of company if you have anything to do with equipment will verify your driving record and bounce you for your immaturity and their inability to insure you on their equipment and vehicle.
-No work for governmental agency or law enforcement because again a show of immaturity with your driving record.
-All the cops in your area will have you in their cross-airs because of your reputation.
-Also there are a lot of people on this board that own companies or are in position of hiring, you are sympathetic why burn your bridges with all the opportunities here by posting about your immaturity. You won't even know the opportunities that flew right under your nose...

Last thing is where there is smoke there is fire. You post of always being sawed out, even-tough you are posting preaching about your angelic behavior, I bet you any amount that whatever you are doing has strong tendencies toward threatening your community when analyzed by law enforcement. Believe me those cops would rather eat donuts (sorry Trout) then have to deal with a few punks, so YOU ARE DOING something to raise their suspicion.

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I'm with GLH, Something had to raise the cops suspicion!

You're lucky that RollWithit didn't pull you over with his Kilt on!!! Cold nads piss some officers off!!!
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Old 01-01-2004, 09:18 AM
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Driving in this country is a privilege, that some people abuse so bad they end up doing Jail time for there offenses, how stupid is that? In 17 years of Police work I can honestly say i never issued a ticket to someone who didn't deserve it and downright ask for it. I always stopped a vehicle with the intention of giving a warning, but some people just can't help from making a stupid comment. I know there are some ****ty Police Officers with a chip on their shoulders, I know i have worked with some, but be respectful and usually it isn't to long before these officers are sought out by there dept. If you feel you were truely treated improper make a complaint to the Police Dept., but then you better be on the up and up with your driving. Sometimes it's better to let it go, pick and choose your fights. Especially if it was in the communtiy where you live. Next time you pass a bus stop and see people waiting out in crappy weather for the bus think this could be you. Drive safe and take care of your license, if you don't, it can become expensive, cost you time and maybe even your privilege to drive......Believe me i am not preaching here, this is some good advice from a guy who worked with guys like the one that pulled you over......see my avatar, that is my son, he was driving his big wheel irratic on the side walk so I took him in and booked him. He got wise with his mouth and is now on my hit list. I can't wait until he is 16 so i can bust him and put him in jail so the state will have to feed him and cloth him, you see it will be cost effective !!!!!!

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These guys a right.
I used to drive a car that stood out from everyone else's. Really recognizable. Every cop in town knew who I was by the car. Each time I was stopped the cop new my name, and this was before the age of computers. Each cop carried a little note pad with personal information, license plate numbers, descriptions, etc., which they shared with each other.
I'm not saying I was a terror on the road like some of my friends were. I had one friend that lost his license twice before he was 20. All of it for speeding.
As for me, I was lucky. Out of the 8 times I've been stopped for speeding there were only three tickets I couldn't talk my way out of. I haven't been pulled over for more than 25 years and haven't had an accident in 18.

Think about riding a bus every day. I have a couple of coworkers that lost their licenses permanently for various reasons and ride the bus to work every day.
My future son in-law is headed down that very same road. He's been pulled over several times in the past year. He recently wrecked his car because he was going too fast to make a curve in the road and hit a concrete wall. The local cops know who he is too.

Slow down, drive responsibly like an adult.
New year, new attitude.
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