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Sir Troutly, local TV Celeb

Old 01-06-2004, 09:20 AM
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People never realize what the police officers really go thru ,there not just giving tickets out there.

I am sure it was a accident.Just think ,The bus driver has to live with it also.

Hang in Troutly

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QUOTE]Originally posted by Troutly
We concluded there was negligence, just not gross negligence so I recommended three charges, Careless Driving, Fail to Drive with Due Care, and a violation of School Bus Driver Duties. [/QUOTE]

NOT to critique the job that you are doing, it's fine one...but don't you ever just want to say, "Hey, man you just really screwed up. THINK next time before you do something this stupid." Obviously the bus driver feels really bad over what happened. Obviously, he would do things differently if given a second chance. Obviously the child was in a blind spot. Obviously he should have tried to locate the child before moving. Obviously he didn't do this deliberately. Obviously the driver was trusted with this childs care and failed in that regard. Never-the-less, sometimes accidents just happen. So does everything need to be criminalized? I mean, what do the charges solve in this case? I guess they ultimately provide the proof needed for a civil case. It just seems as if the charges are meant to reinforce what everybody already knows. That the driver screwed up. Just my thoughts, please chime in Trout...
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After reading this story I had to stop and say a little prayer for all the families involved and thank the man up stair's for people like scott and all others in similar professions who give so much and receive so little credit for the outstanding jobs they perform.
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I missed that. I don't watch KARE11 to much. Here is the story, but Troutly has already shared more than this.

You are a true humanitarian and all I can say is THANK YOU for your service and dedication.

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Thanks Trout
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Bottom line: life really sucks sometimes. There are no explanations or reasons for why something like this happened that will take away the grief of everyone involved. It just makes you realize how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.
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Given those sets of circumstances, it definately points to driver error. Safety equipement only works when used properly. Locally, we are now also getting a radar system installed on commuter buses because of another recent incident where a kid got ran over by the rear wheels of a bus. My department responded to the call to assist and luckily I was not one of them. From what they said, it was not pretty. Kid was standing on sidewalk where bus left him off with his mother. Mom got distracted or something and the kid slipped. Got pulled under rear dual wheel on bus. Now they are installing external radars on the buses that will show if anybody in near them.
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Originally posted by cuda
That's horrible. I couldn't do your job, and my hat is off to you for being able to do a job that most of us couldn't.
I bet everyone on this board can agree with this. NK
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I can remember when I was a kid, My father, Then was a Policeman in Philadelphia. He was first to respond to an Officer down call. The officer didn't make it. Many years later I was looking to buy a 66 Chevelle. my father was looking at this kid like i know you from somewhere. I just can't place the face. when My dad asked his name, my dad almost colapsed. We left and I didn't buy the car. and my father never mentioned anything to the kid about my father being there that night. But my father looked like he seen a ghost whne he told him his name.

The job isn't what you see on TV. I have several friends that are cops. One was shoot, saved by a vest thank god.
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