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More cops that don't want to work.

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He barley ever watches TV unless it's a Skin's game. He said he is going to take it to the states attorney, He dosen't what to drawl to much attention to him self or his family, This was the last straw for him and the state of Maryland, he is big into guns they feel that only crooks and cops should have them. And now with this he's moving back to VA.

Where he lived was nice but they have a lot of crime up there around him so we can see why they didn't jump all over it but to not even take a look at the stuff or take it in as evidence? maybe something to do on a slow day or if they caught them doing it again they could pin it on them to tack on some time and fines.
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Old 02-25-2004, 01:20 PM
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The shame is I am sure that one of the cops would recognize one of the poeple in the pics and clear the case right up. I am sure the "Gems" that did this have been in trouble before.
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Hey Trout, shouldn't you be out catching thieves (or at least giving out those $85 tickets) instead of eating donuts and posting here.
FYI, I can honestly say, I've deserved every $85 ticket I've ever got!

Um, if there's a warrant out for me after you read this, I'll guess you didn't take it as a joke.
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Get this We had are car stole from the front on our house when we where out of town. The kid dumped all the things in side the car in an ally. I get a call from a guy that find one of my business cards. So we call the cops. And wait and wait. Finley I call and they say you have not herd from us? We found your car yesterday with the thief driving it, Them do you want to press charges. So I do They tell me that they will charge him with tampering because he broke the column. I said what. Cops said well we have him on a something worse. I said what. cops side he told the cop the wrong name. I still have not herd if he is going to court or not and this was in August.
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Old 02-25-2004, 03:42 PM
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Wow !!!
you guys are rough. I am sorry to hear about some of the negative experiences that some of you have had with your local law enforcement. Being in law enforcement for 17 years I can honestly say that if any anything else that they should have explained why they weren't taking any of the actions that you may think should have been taken or followed up on. What is depicted on shows like CSI are the farthest things from the truth. If it was shown the way things work there would be no fan base. But busting chops on traffic stops or what we would call aggressive traffic enforcement is probably the best form of crime prevention that is out there. I sends a message to the bad guys that there is a strong police presence in the area and they will probably get caught doing their crimes. Knowing your neighborhoods and your neighbors is a very important step in keeping your area safe. You should not hesitate to call the police because believe it or not the police would rather come out 1,000 times and find nothing because you called us when you saw something out of the ordinary rather than come out after you you have been a victim. Iggy where I work we answer to the County freeholders who answer to citizens. Tim G sorry to hear about the increase in your taxes but look on the bright side if you didn't pay them we would not have high performance boats to talk about because I wouldn't be able to afford one and would not be on this board with some other brothers in blue.
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Warrior and Trout and all the other LEOs,
I think most of us realize that there are limitations to what the cops are able to do.
Nobody is happy to get a ticket, but most of us actually were breaking a law.
A bad experience (no mater whose fault it was) with a cop will probably be remembered for life. A good (or neutral) one will probably be forgotten.
The guys with a chip on their shoulder will always blame the cop, or someone else, for their problem.
Many of the people you encounter on the job are not in the best mood.
Not even Tim G thinks you are responsible for his stolen stuff.
Even you have to pay increased taxes.
Everyone like donuts, but you get picked on for it.
Basically, you've got a thankless job at times, just like the rest of us.
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I guess I should have become a cop....
One cop has a Apache and the other has a nice big Formula.....
Do you guys get commission from those speeding/traffic tickets???
Tim Gallagher
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Tim G.
I think it's some kind of donut kickback scheme!
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Old 02-25-2004, 05:13 PM
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Originally posted by 32fever
My parents Monte SS was stolen from their garage while they were in FL in Dec. My wife and I had to deal with it, and it was similar to this. They feel that if they find the car, they're pretty much done. Communication with cops (at least around here (Benton Harbor, you may have seen them on the news from the riots) suck. You'd think they knew how to use a phone and could follow up on stuff, but they expect you to stay on them to do their jobs. My wife called once and got "oh yeah, I was supposed to do something about that wasn't I?"

Bottom line, if that happens to me. I'll hire a lawyer just to bug the piss out of the local law enforcement. Call them. Every 30 minutes.

The frustrating thing is, the perp in this case was 16. He'll get a slap on the wrist and he'll be out. He's out on the streets already and has 6 priors. Great f-ing system.

Vent and get over it. It costs responsible people a lot of time and money to have things stolen. That's all there is to it. My time is more valuable than that 16 years old ever will be.
And when he turns 18, everything is expunged.
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I have friends that are cops and it is things like this that really piss them off by giving them a bad name.
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