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O/T Power Chips for 6.0 PSD

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Thanks Guys, all I can say is I have three of them, 2 on Duramax's and one on my personal 04 Ford 6.0 dually. The one Duramax gets driven by about 8 people, its the 90hp unit and is left in the middle mode, and is truely abused, and Im being polite about it. The other Duramax has around 80k and is driven to pull trailers most of the time, its the 125hp unit, I had a few problems with this unit, called Edge, talked with Aaron, (the Owner)send me a brand new unit after I put about 70k miles on it, great service. The 6.0 unit has been upgraded 4 times now, they keep improving it, you go to their website, fill out a form, send it in, at the same time they will mail a revised one back, couldnt be any easier. Sometime you have to wait on the phone for about 3 to 4 minutes, but in the end its worth it, it makes your truck that much more enjoyable, Have fun with your modules, Thanks again Jeff.
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Originally posted by PhantomChaos
What about all the warranty issues???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
Nort, if you install an Edge or any other performance enhancing device, the dealer "CAN" void your warranty if a malfunction can be even remotely related to such device. It is as simple as that and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The imperative word there being CAN. If you have a good working relationship with the service department you can get warranty. There are many service departments that see no problem, some do. Just make sure to be to keep the lines of communication open and you should not have any trouble. That being said, I have run enhancements on every single diesel truck I have owned, 13 in all, and have only been denied warranty once. Sam
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What is the cost for the edge attitude setup?
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My 6.0L has 5K miles and when I was in for the oil change I asked about chips. They told me the exact same thing they said about my 99 7.3. "No problem we sell them"
Like mentioned above make sure you keep a honest line of communication open with your dealer.
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Hard on, No I haven't run the new banks yet . I ordered one yesterday to try our truck . I have not been impressed by ANYTHING I have gotten from banks . And neither have my customers .....

Edge is the ONLY one that works on 6.0 Fords . Bulley dog DOES NOT !!! All the large distributers have quit bulley dog on all their plug in modules for Chevy ,Dodge ,and Ford 6.0's . One company odered 500 units and the first 163 got sent back the first week cause they didn't work . They have since sent back the entire shipment !! Another guy I know ordered over 300 and also had like 60 something bad !! Sent them all back . I have bought 13 things from Bulley and all 13 were bad ! That was enough for me !!!

mcollinstn, Fuel economy is not easy to come by on the 6.0 . Make sure he has the latest reflash availible from Ford . One of my customers gained over 2mpg after the reflash . You could gain a little with the RIGHT exhaust , airfilter , and edge box. Maybe 1 or 1-1/2 if you are lucky . But as Neverfastenuf said , the power is what it's about . If you can move the same load ,faster, and not burn more fuel doing it ,then in reality you HAVE GAINED mileage .
Good example , 1997 ,7.3 ford with Wetsern diesel chip Will gain mileage . Customer calls me and says "I didn't notice any gain . I burned the same exact amount in the trip I do every weekend . " Of course he forgot the fact that normaly he can only run 60-65 mph pulling 2 snow mobiles on a little open trailer . Now he is running 80-90 mph pulling 4 sleds in an enclosed trailer !!! I would say HE GAINED GREAT MILEAGE !!! He thinks so too ,now that I pointed that out !
My old 2002 Ford with ram air , 4" exhaust , and Western's "tri power chip " Set on 85 (REAL) horse power , got me there much faster and also gained 2.5 mpg !!
This is not the case for all trucks or drivers , bu twith the " RIGHT " package on your truck you CAN gain mileage...

Mr. Demeanor, Thats a great story ! If that was a newer Dodge , He was new at driving it ! That "NEW" Stock Dodge would give your 99 with the hypertech a pretty good run for your money ! The auto in yours has better torque aplification and keeps the motor wound tight all the way up the street untill about 60-65 mph ,where as he lets out for a split second to shift and looses boost and falls on it's face for a minute . Out of the whole auto's usualy rule . Top end the stick will run away . Also taller gears (3.73 or 3.55's ) will get it going faster on a diesel then say 4.10's . A normal drag from light to light , an auto trans usualy is faster (apples to apples). However , hook um up to 10,000 lbs and run over the mountains at highway speeds and the manual trans will walk away quite quickly !

Warranty ,shmarranty !!!! Unplug it and take it back for service . I can get a list of a couple hundred Ford dealers alone that install chips of everykind . I was at Dodge yesterday and asked the service guy , "What is your standing on the performance upgrades "? He says , "As long as you buy it from US , (DODGE) We could care less " !! One of my customers and fellow OSOer said he asked his Ford dealer what he thought of trucks with chips and the dealer told him ," I THINK ANYONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE ONE IS AN IDIOT !!!

I wish I could get THAT in righting !!

BAck to the whole point of this :
6.0 Ford = Edge !
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Check out this Diesel performance site
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