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Originally posted by Fountainclimber

Who would want a used hour meter with 260 hours on it?

Someone with 600 hours on their hour meter. I would at lest pull the intakes to see if anything was laying in the lifter valley. Good luck finding the sc&mbags. I'm sure someone in the neighborhood "knows" who did it.

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Originally posted by HyperBaja
As much as you dont want to hear this, remember it isnt TV. Running a set of prints runs around 2200$.

Feel for you, hope you catch them.
Sure.... The cops don't bother taking the fingerprints... then if they catch them doing the same thing,,, they can't connect the two... makes perfect sense....if you're a moron detective..... You don't have to do the print search... but the prints should be on file.... What is really maddening is they will cause tens of thousands of more damage to other people's property... when they probably could be identified by spending $2200.00 in a print search... I'd say that's penny wise... pound foolish...
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Had to be someone who knows your boat and knew where it was.I hate to hear this szyt. Sorry to hear !!! I hope you find the bstards!!
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sounds to me like someone shopping for new parts for their own boat.

those are parts that would be easy to install on their own boat.
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Putting the money issue aside for the moment, I know how much time, effort and thought you have in that boat. I also know the cops take a "just another jerk whose crying the blues over his toy" attitude...not much will change that and chances are they will never recover what was taken. It's a rotten deal but you have to chalk that up to the way it is.

I had a boat stolen and recovered many years ago...a new Hydrostream...and the insurance jerkoff tried to beat me up as to how much will be covered. You, like the rest of us, pay a huge premium for our coverage. Make sure not to take any crap from them and get all you are entitiled to...definitely tear down that engine!! Wish I lived in your area so I could help you hunt these aholes with dogs! One last thing, from what you describe it sounds like this was not a random thing. Why weren't the other boats hit? Seems to me they had to know you had something a bit more special than the average. The whole deal is very strange. Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.


PS Pull that engine!

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Originally posted by Fountainclimber
Who would want a used hour meter with 260 hours on it?
Unbelievable! And none of the other boats were vandalized? Hope they catch the scum.
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Oh man that just totally sucks man. I am sorry to hear that. I install stereo systems for a living and I often times wonder if I want to spend all the effort putting a system in as it will just make my boat a mroe likely target. I want to be able to leave it at my dock in Maine with out having to worry..... Stuff like this does NOT help.

As for the fingure printing issue I am guessing that the likelyhood that the prints will show up in a database is slim to non. HOWEVER you have to remember what most people thing about our boats. They think that a 500,000 buck boat is probably 50,000. Maybe if you let the police know that what was stolen was many many thousands of dollars they may take a new interest in the case. I hope that your insurance takes care of you and if there is anything that I can assist you with the tunes please let me know.

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They left foot prints too.
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That sucks!!

I'll keep an eye open and mention it to some other area boaters. Live in Fox Lake also
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F#*kin' animals. I hate them all.

As some may know, I'm a cop. Be nice...

Anyway, I'm not going to give excuses for other cops that answer jobs like this. I will say that when it happened to me, I had to do the leg work. My brothers told me that they had too much/more important things to do.

Example: My wife is an insurance agent. Her shop was robbed at gunpoint. They held a gun to her head. Because no one could ID either of the suspects, the case was "officed" meaning that it was going no where. They did takeprints and tried eliminations. Unfortunately, no luck there either. (TV kills my profession, they solve a murder with a hair left behind in one hours time). I did they leg work on that as well. One of the suspects was taken off of the streets. He was arrested on other charges. I know that he was involved in the ins. agency robbery because of "word on the street". Geekers, hookers, and aquaintences help in this regard. None of these people will/would go to court to testify and that is where the problem lies. No way to tie it in.

The point is, post 37 is right. There are people that know about this. If I had to guess, it was someone that knows you and your boat. Esp. if no other boats were tampered with. I don't know how big your storage place is, but if every owner knew to check his/her boat for theft/vandalism, it could give you a direction. All I do is talk to people, nothing special. Think of an angle to approach them and talk to anyone at the yard. You will get a direction to go in. If you want to talk more about it, feel free to PM me. That goes for anyone else, as well. It is frustating to say the least.

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