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........ is not on my side

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Non current B-1, $3200.... Used outdrive?

Buy a brand new outdrive for that price.
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i think by non current he means this is an old design. Atleast I would hope thats what he means.
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The parts are new and still in box. They are just not 03 04 models they are 99 00 01 models. At least that is what the company is claiming them to be. I have seen the motor before they busted it out of the crate. I will definately check this all out before i get the boat back, if i ever do.
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I screwed up the drive is new. Motor is non current
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Originally posted by Bigyellowcat
what ever you do be sure to read the back of any check you sign to deposite from the ins. company . they will screw you by putting that if you sign the check it is full payment and then when you try to get the rest of your money they will say you signed off on full payment.

they did this to me on a car, and my lawyer got them to still have to pay because I did not sign it with my legal name, I signed it with the name i go by.

If you sign them .also put on there (Under due arest)Not willingly

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what TEXAS agent is it, I have lawyers in the family!!!
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What is the name of the insurance co. ?
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I can tell you from personal experience insurance people are the biggest *******s in the world. Some moron ran a stop sign the first week i had my new truck and t-boned me.

I have had to fight and yell and cuss for every single penny from day 1, the people had the nerve to tell me they didn't "owe" me a comperable vehicle to the new truck i just bought, even knowing I have tens of thousands in medical bills piling up. They picked a fight over $600 on claims that will probably end up into 6 figures.

They want to nickel and dime you to death, now after weeks my own insurance co. refused to total the truck and kept telling me how they would make it perfect. $14,000 worth of work and $3,000 of rentals and now I have all the problems I told them I would have with it. Now they want to act like they don't need to deal with me until its time to collect premiums. Then my agent gets upset with me when my bill went up $30 this month and I dropped the F-bomb on the phone with her. These people pull your pants down tell you to grab your ankles and expect you to smile and be happy about the huge peice they broke off in you.

I'm 20 years old and my 98 year old great grand father moves better than I do, no more riding motorcycles, jetskis etc... and these people still don't freakin get it. I take $10+ in pills a day just to get around and be able to sleep. Plus I got a new truck thats all screwed up and aint worth ****.

All I can tell you get a good Lawyer and stick it to them. It always seems greedy to hear about lawsuits and all that BS until you are the one getting raped.

BTW, my ins. co: State Farm
other ins. co: Geico

I would say state farm is better than a lot of others, but thats not saying much.

Sorry for the novel, its a touchy subject with me.
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I'm missing a link here. Did your insurance company approve the people working on the boat or did they simply approve you getting your boat fixed? Here anyway, if you have a claim you have to price it out, get a quote and they review it. If it's approved, wouldn't it be binding?? It seems to me if they approved the people and the work, they don't have much room to complain.

As for State Farm....they will try to stall you forever til they give you a check. Years ago, my ex hubby got rear ended while sitting at a red light. Open and shut if you ask me. The driver that hit him was covered by State Farm. We jumped through all the hoops to get the claim approved and they began stalling. I am a woman of little patience. On the third day I called and asked for the check. More stalling. Finally I said "Ya know, my husband has a bad back and I haven't even brought that into the equation. You don't want me to go there. Maybe I should be calling my attorney?" I had the check an hour later.

Much like (some) people, insurance companies will deal you as much sh!t as you're willing to hang on to. If you don't stand up for yourself, nobody will. I'm not implying you should drop F bombs all over the place, but you need to put your foot down.
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