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Can you believe this?

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Default Re: Can you believe this?

[QUOTE=stevebaretta]It's people like you that drive up prices of fuel and don't conserve America's resources". QUOTE]

I wonder what he would have said to us?
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

Maybe just say " I'm paying for your social security and my fuel, your using all the social security so I'll use up the fuel"! Hell I don't care who you are that is funny right there
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

I would have told him, he should be lucky that I am filling a boat up. The .40-.60 cents a gallon road tax that is tacked on to the price of gas by the goverment is helping pay for his highway, and the boat, hopfully, will never be used on it. Sure its towed up and down the road, but the fuel you put in your tow vehicle will cover that. Never understood why gas at a marina is more expensive than on the highway. Wouldnt mind paying the tax if it was going to a good cause for boating, improving ramps and piers, safety schools, nav. aids, ect. But because off the boats that are captive, so to speak, that can't trailer to a cheaper location, they just sock it to you.
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

Originally Posted by Madcow
I wonder what he would have said to us?
Good one Madcow, the old frustrated jackazz might of vapor locked seeing that!
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

Originally Posted by Danny_Ocean
I woulda said..."And old goats like you use up the resources of us younger folk by staying alive so long".


D. Ocean
Pompano Beach, FLA
No chit. I shouldn't have to pay your Social Security! That make me MAD
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

Acquisition of petroleum is a national security issue of a huge magnitude. It's not just gasoline but the thousands of products we need that are derived from it. It would seem to me that if our country were to put NASA and all it's scientific efforts to work on finding a "fix" to this situation over the next 5-10 years it would be more sensible than a trip to Mars and back. Red dust is red dust. We need to focus on the needs we have today.

NASA and scientists throughout the US could be helping in research and development programs in the following areas:

Ordinary diesel engines can run on biodiesel. Practically any type of vegetable oil or animal fat can be used to make biodiesel.

Hydrogen's clean burning characteristics may, one day, make it a popular transportation fuel. For now, the problem of how to store enough hydrogen on a vehicle for a reasonable range, and its high cost, compared to gasoline, are critical barriers to widespread commercial use.

Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are specially designed vehicles that can operate on alcohol, gasoline or any combination of the two. FFVs have become quite popular with California fleets.

Most EVs today, however, can only go about 100 miles before you need to plug them in and recharge their batteries. They are not like the Energizer Bunny(tm) that keeps on going, and going, and going. But, 50 to 100 miles is plenty for most people who only drive a short distance to and from work, to and from school.

Another type of Zero-Emission Vehicle is the fuel cell powered vehicle. When the fuel cells are fueled with pure hydrogen, they are considered to be zero emission vehicles. Fuel cells have been used on spacecraft for many years to power electric equipment.

The methods to produce gasoline and diesel from coal were used by the Germans in World War II. Their country is rich in coal deposits, but they had no oil and they could not get oil from the Middle East because they were cut off during the war. So, synthetic fuels (oil, gasoline and diesel) were made from coal.

Foreign dependence is hurting our independence. Right now we are more a part of the problem and not as much a part of the solution as we should be. If common sense dosen't lead us towards this path then when foreign oil prices drive the price of gasoline to $5 or $10 dollars per gallon the incentive to do this will be there. OPEC price fixes and they are in total collusion with all other price setting mechanisms in other countries who follow suite. Right now we are in a "reactive" mode as a country and not a "proactive" mode and that's not where we should be as a country.

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Default Re: Can you believe this?

Shoulda taken him for a swim then blamed him for polluting the water
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

Originally Posted by Hydrocruiser
The IPCC estimate of worldwide known oil reserves/available sources are said to be between 15,000 and 18,000 billion barrels of oil and are supposedly "accessible" in the "world" right now "today" with the right planning and new wells set up etc. it's reality. Who knows how much more in the polar regions and more challenging places on the globe maybe twice as much they think.

The US uses about 3.5 billion barrels a year as of 2001 figures and let's assume on the "high side" we have 20,000 billion barrels left totally and no more.

The US uses about 1/3 of the worlds oil supposedly. So the "world" uses about 12 billion barrels a year.

These are very rough estimates but that would mean the "world" has a probability of having oil at the current usage figures/reserves for 1500 more years. That's the year 3504. Possibly enough to 5004 if we tap everything out. There is an ocean of oil under the ground. The doomsday sayers need help. Oil is a commodity and they use gambits to control price. Remember when we ran out of gasoline in the 70's for 30 cents a gallon but when the price hit a buck a gallon you couldn't pump it fast enough???

Worrying about the world in the year 5004 is like cavemen worrying if they would eat too many figs and not leave enough for their grandkids.

All I want is world peace and a chance to enjoy life; with what we have worked so very hard for since the beginning of time. Is that asking too much?

Yea I feel real guilty tanking up.
Great post, good to say I learned something today

For whatever reason this is one of the funnier threads I have read on here in a while...I LOL at the fact that mopower said "NO"...hehehehe...gotta love that.

Some of these oldtimers just need something to gripe about. I would of just laughed histerically at him. I was in the Post Office a few weeks ago and damn near had to get into a fist fight with some 80 yearold guy I have never met just to get him to stop trying to argue with me about the war in Iraq....Hey, I guess if I make it to 80 then I will have the right to b*tch about stuff too
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

If I ever run in to the guy again, I'm going to use the lines that you've suggested about me covering his social security payments and also paying for his Medicare. Next time I may be more verbal.
Elvis was a boater too
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Default Re: Can you believe this?

I thought that just happened in my area.People all ways tell me
how rich I would be if I would just invest all that waisted money.
I find if people in general can't afford certain luxury's they must
knock yours.Theres a 10 commandment somewhere that covers
this already.When someone questions my fill up at the pump,I
reply don't worry we normally run Cam 2 racing fuel.

Keep It Triple Digits
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