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Backed over him?
Pushed him overboard before returning to the marina?
Left his ass at home and brought another female instead?
Pretended the boat's throttle was stuck wide-open while pulling him on the tube?
Started the boat in gear as he was climbing up the swim ladder?
All of the above?
Just let it go because he didn't know?
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Bad marina etiquette

Old 05-25-2004, 10:27 PM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

It just sounds to me like YOU need to calm down at the ramp.

Barkin at your buddy in front of the girls - "I told him out loud for all to hear "hey you can't do that here!" isn't going to help. If he's actually your friend, you don't want to embarrass him, and a quiet word will be more effective. "Just hang tight, we'll load up after we clear the ramp". Give him something useful to do that doesn't interfere with retrieving your boat. If necessary, talk to him in private.
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Old 05-25-2004, 10:42 PM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

Originally Posted by Danny_Ocean
You're right...If I had only a Formula, I wouldn't take my buddies out, either...

D. Ocean
Pompano Beach, FLA
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Old 05-25-2004, 11:12 PM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

I'd had him explain his "THEY CAN WAIT" theory to the guys waiting in line.
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Old 05-26-2004, 02:37 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

Originally Posted by Gary Anderson
If it makes you feel better, I didn't remember if you were there for sure. I do remember that they never seated the guy.

And alcohol only kills the weak brain cells anyway.

Gary What happens when all the weak ones are gone.

The Only Time You Have To Much Ammo Is When Your Swimming Or On Fire.
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Old 05-26-2004, 06:36 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

You should've talked to him in private.
The offense wasn't bad till he said "they can wait". It's arrogant people like that that I hate. A reply like that is uncalled for.

Dany Ocean, you should've blasted your friends. All they did was show disrespect for you and your property. I'd invite them one more time and explain the rules and if they aren't followed, to the letter, they won't be invited back. Friends or no friends.

Not a ramp issue but this Sunday the wife and I took out a close friend for a day of relaxation. We anchored in a local party spot, where it's grenerally quiet. Well, then three boats (cruisers) pulled in and rafted together. Then two more pulled in and rafted to them. Each time they came close to running over another persons (not in their group) anchor line. Each time the guy called out to be careful. These people acted as if he wasn't even there.
After the fifth boat tied up, one member of their party actually had the balls to ask the other guy to move his anchor. The guy kept his temper and politely said "no, I was here first, you move your party".
After that the party got real loud. The music was cranked up so that everyone in the cove could hear it. I was anchored about 60 feet away and we had trouble talking to each other.
I guess their plan was to chase everyone off so they could have the place to themselves. It worked. After 30 min many of the other families pull out and headed elsewhere. Us included.
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Old 05-26-2004, 07:03 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

My question about all this is why you brought the other dude if it was just you and your girl? If just my wife and I are going, (doesn't happen often, the kids get pissed if they can't go boating too) I am not bringing any of my drinking buddies.
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Old 05-26-2004, 07:35 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

let it big deal. Even if it was someone else at the launch, I would have let it slide...lifes too short for little things like this.
Member of the Liquid Jungle
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Old 05-26-2004, 07:51 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

Get over it.

If you think that is bad ettiquate, come to our ramps this weekend. Last weekend we had a guy with a 29 baja drive his new hummer and trailer over the grass to get to the ramps, cutting in front of 10 people.
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Old 05-26-2004, 08:08 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

Originally Posted by PhantomChaos
How much additional time are you talking about to load the stuff.....30 seconds? Big deal!
See, This is how it all starts,then the next time it's 5 min. and so on. Their is a procedure here and it's common coutesy to load or unload in the staging area or a spot away from the ramp. People are waiting in the water to load or waiting in line to unload so common sence dictates get it in or out ASAP. I have patience for someone having a difficulty trying to load there boat,but the launching part is a no brainer. As soon as I park my truck I get on board turn keys and im gone. Others sit on the dock bullsheeting on the cell,putting on lotion,waiting for guests that havn,t arrived yet. This is why those of us that are methodical and calculated get peeeeeed at these people. The day is short people and I dont want to spend all my time at the ramp. Only those of us who trailer in busy launch areas know where I'm coming from.
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Old 05-26-2004, 08:30 AM
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Default Re: Bad marina etiquette

Back when I was a kid, after graduating from the Whaler I had a 15' vee bottom with a 150 Merc on it. I was 13, and there were lots of "rules" my passengers (also kids) needed to hear.

I lived (actually I still own that house) on a 1/4 mile long cove and had to idle from my dock to the end of the cove before blasting off. During that time, I would play an 8 track tape that my sister and I recorded. It was awesome. We had tropical background music and my older sister recorded the messages in the same style of speech as the lady at Disney World does.

"Welcome to Mike's boat"
"During your adventures today you can expect to experience the beauty of the lake wildlife, the thrill of aggressive acceleration, and the terror or extreme speeds, it will be a memorable occasion; one you will wish to relate to your future children and grandchildren".
"But as with all new experiences, there are elements that you must be aware of and rules that must be followed to ensure your safety and the preservation of the excellent condition of the equipment you will be in proximity to during the day".
"The Mercury 1500 six cylinder engine is equipped with a high voltage Thunderbolt ignition system capable of putting out over 30,000 volts. For your own safety as well as those around you, it is imperative that there be no burping, puking, or farting in or around the vessel to reduce any explosion hazard."
"Shoes will be removed and stored before boarding the vessel, and under no circumstances will anybody be allowed to walk across the front deck - under some cicumstances Captain Mike may request or otherwise allow a passenger to crawl or lay on the front deck, but body weight must be spread out on at least four points of contact while positioning is taking place"
"Alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited, and any candy or food that can melt is also banned"
"Unless you have been on several adventures with Captain Mike previously, you are considered a passenger, and are not expected nor allowed to attempt to assist in any boathandling activity. The Captain will handle all docking, line handling, anchoring, tow rope rigging, and fueling activities. Passengers should concentrate on enjoying themselves and should follow any and all instructions from the Captain. Always ask before doing anything. If the Captain cannot hear your question, assume that the answer is "no" until you can officially obtain a proper response"
"High speeds and frightening maneuvers will occur during this adventure. Secure handholds are provided at all seating stations and it is recommended that you acquaint yourselves with all possible secure handholds at this time. If the boat leaps out of the water, it is best to use your arms to keep your rear positioned on or near the seat cushion so the landing will be more comfortable. Do not attempt to stand up or become active during these maneuvers as weight shifting can dramatically affect the stability of the flight"
"Horseplay is not encouraged and the level is set by the Captain. If you do not adhere to the rules of this message and words of the Captain, you will NOT be allwed back for a future adventure."
"Enjoy your day, and Aloha"

<<music fades away>>

(The last time I saw that tape, it had gotten stored in a swamped storage locker and would never play again. A true loss.)
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