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Default Re: nitromethane

Toluene does nothing for increasing power.
It is only effective as an octane booster, which ALLOWS you to tune for more power but does nothing in the way of ADDING power on its own in an otherwise unchanged engine.

Oxygenated fuels DO make more power (with a minor jetting change).

As we all know, a motor can only pump "so much" air into itself. Cams and porting can help it pump a bit more, but it is still the main limitation. We can add only as much fuel as we can effectively burn and this is the ceiling on the power we can produce.

Adding liquid fuels that also contain oxygen act just like increasing airflow thru a motor (supercharging) because it increases the available oxidizer in the combustion chamber.

Nitromethane is very close to being able to burn on its own without additional oxygen. This is what makes it so good. At fuel air ratios as low as 1:1 it provides MASSIVE power.

Oxygenated "cheater" fuels act the same way, only on a lesser scale.

Toluene has an effective octane of around 117. Is not oxygenated.
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Default Re: nitromethane

I didn't think you could mix nitro with gas. I thought a blending agent was necessary such as alky to keep the fuels from seperating. Some great stuff if you can manage it!
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Default Re: nitromethane

I've run about a pint to 15 gallons of 110 race fuel, in my Hemi, it felt a little stronger, but boy did it smell good : ) I did not want to put too much in it, as I knew what would happen BANG! A friend put a can of Klotz in a big inch small block Mopar and at the end of the run there were no electrodes left on the plugs (and no rings left on the pistons!) Moral BE VERY conservative and pay attention to jetting and timing!!!!
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