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cigarette's new 39

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Originally Posted by Fever Mike
Yeah but when the boat is already probably $400-500k PLUS whats another $70k to keep the drives running. I doubt it would slow down by 7mph but maybe 4mph but who care at least the drives will hold up and you can use the boat more than it will be in the shop. Pretty embarassing on a poker run if you drives kep breaking huh?
Because nobody wants a 450K boat that runs 95mph and with 1400 hp thats what you'd have. Remember the new Bravo's and props are very efficient helping them achieve these huge speeds with much less horsepower. The Bravo set up is like a drug for the manufacturers, they know they shouldn't use them but the #'s sure feel ( and look) good.
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

Whats all this chit about breaking Bravos????

I took my Bravo boat to the Casino this weekend ,,, and I did not see any boats there with Sixes on them!!! Just a lot of boats with Bravos and the owners were having a Great time !!!

My Bravos have over 225hrs on them ,,, I guess its time to change the Royal Purple again!!

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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

never broke one either...and youve seen how i run
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

Originally Posted by Lip-Ship
Ummmmm, anyone need a left nut on trade for one of those??!! DAAAYUMMM that is nice!!
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

The boat can always be rigged with 6's, you just gotta write the check! The isn't "only" offered with 700's. You could go with 1075's if you would like. Man that would be a machine!
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

Originally Posted by WickedWon
Phil's rig makes much more sense, very nice. Man, Mercs just gotta do something about the drives, as these boats get bigger ( and faster) you can and will use'm in a chop, with that much power the Bravo's don't have a chance, damn shame cause it's a beautiful package.
Hey wickedWon, I owned 4 twin step boats with Zul motors and have logged at least 400 hours on all them total. Out of all of those hours I have broken a grand total of 3 drives! Trust me, nobody is harder on the drives than I am. The 42' Tiger "Endangered Species" had 775hp motors and I did 15 poker runs with the throttles down the whole time and blew 1 drive with a $4500 repair bill. Not bad huh! Now, do the math on how many poker runs you can do on your Sterling power and #6 drives? How many ponies are your motors pushing because the #6 drives are supposedly only rated for 1075 Hp. How often do you rebuild these motors that only push your boat to...maybe, 100mph! I sold a Top Gun that went 105 mph(which was in Powerboat Mag) and a Gladiator that went 102 mph in the last 6 months and both had Bravo's. Between both boats, I lost $40-50k total and sold the boats within 60 days. I have seen these Sabers and others with big power and #6's for sale for 2 years or more! If you think that #6 drives and big blower motors are the only answer to go 100mph then you should do some more homework. Don't get me wrong, 100mph was not enough for me so I now do have #6 drives with BIG power and we now go 130mph! I have been warned on what the bill will be when something breaks and it makes the bravos sound like a pleasure..So easy on the Zul bravo package...

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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

yowzaa..those are both very sweet boats.

I am not as down on the side by side as Nikki would be next to me.
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

Originally Posted by WickedWon
Damn, I wanted to hear more about the 98mph Dragon ( with a broken drive at 38 hours ) vs. a probably legit ( and very respectable 101 mph) new 39' Cig ( thats also gonna break a drive in less than 40 hrs.)! Glad I got to read the fun stuff before the poof !! Man, all the good stuff just........

I have a Lip-Ship Edition 2003 Gladiator with 700 Zuls & Bravo's that runs
100 plus mph all day long and had nothing ever go wrong with my bravo's.
I had 138 hours on them before I brought it back to Michigan and Phil @ Lip-Ship suggested that we have them feshened up so we did. It cost me $3,800.00 for both of them and now my bravos 191 hours and still have no problems!! It amazes me that so many (or 2) people can comment on this when they have never even own something close to these boats. By the way how much does it cost to maintain a #6 boat with huge power @ a 191 hours?
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

I would have to back up twinsteptiger 100% - there is knowone more abusive than a.k.a. PINS!!!!!!
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Default Re: cigarette's new 39

quick question, in post 28 it looks like there are 3 sets of Keys in boat, what is up with that, are my eys playing tricks on me????

Randy Wild
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