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140 over the speed limit

Old 10-28-2004, 02:22 PM
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Default Re: 140 over the speed limit

this is how we do it in the north east
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Default Re: 140 over the speed limit

Originally Posted by Wasabe
Please say you're kidding?
It's a cheap thrill accessible to a lot but very dangerous. Not much skill involved in wipeing yourself out.

However I can understand your pacific rim bike allegiance, from Webster;
Main Entry: wasabi
Pronunciation: 'wä-s&-bE
Function: noun
Etymology: Japanese
1 : a condiment that is prepared from the thick pungent greenish root of an Asian herb (Eutrema wasabi) of the mustard family and is similar in flavor and use to horseradish; also : the root

Ferrari? now your talking! Not to drive however just to hang on the wall in the living room and admire.
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Default Re: 140 over the speed limit

Originally Posted by GLH
My comment was a little harsh so sorry for the noses out of joints.

Bike at 165 has been done back in the early 80's(Kawasaki Z1R Turbo), Cars at 168 also (Supra Turbo, Porsche 928S4). It was fun but not worth years of high insurance and driver license state and province shuffling. I understand if it floats your boat but not for me anymore.

Nothing is more fun than 60 MPH in 6-8 Footers in a Offshore rig, plus you can have 5 or 6 of your buddies with you if they have the stomach for it and no one is chasing you with flashing red lights. Anyone can buy a $10k bike, an offshore rig is a commitment.

Also I have no close friends that have died or got paralyzed boating (pleasure boating) I cannot say the same for motorcycling.

GLH, I agree. One of the reasons I decided to sell mine is the last two times out on it I almost got run over by a "bluehair". I admit, it scared me.

Saw a photo a few days ago. It was one of those portable radar units they set up in a residential zone so you can see if you're speeding. You know the ones that say "35 MPH" and you're going ______ in lights. Well this one said, in broad daylight, the 35 mph, and on the lights was listed clear as day "202". The guy who has the picture on his shop wall said it was out of either Motorcyclist or SportRider magazine.
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Default Re: 140 over the speed limit

I agree on several counts.
There is no way an RC51 showed 188rwhp unless it was spraying nitrous or had a turbo. An RC51 at 125rwhp (as somebody mentioned) is STILL being optimistic. They're dang nice bikes. And fast (for a twin).

But no way it is 188rwhp. No way it is 188 crank hp, unless this kid spent 20 grand on the motor or is spraying it.

And no way it saw 200.
I've got a ZX12R that had a chip (PC3), pipe (Muzzy), was lowered, had mirrors stripped, and a Bonneville box (top gear rev limiter bypass). They guy swore it saw 205 on a dry lake speed run. I told him that was nice but I didn't buy it. He later admitted that it was 205 on the stock speedo, but that it was running stock gears and that the speedo was dead on at 100 with a GPS comparison (he was running a slightly taller rear tire, which makes sense cause all bike speedos are fast from the factory). I reminded him that wheel slip is a real issue at speeds above 170, especially on a dry lake.

I still have the bike and it is for sale. It is stock now. I can tell you it ran over 200 if you want me to.

My guess is low 180's.
And no RC51 ran even THAT fast.

My R1 shows well over 180, but it is close to 20mph off at that clip.
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