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Hello is an update on me

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Default Hello is an update on me

Not to be pompous, stuck up or consceeded, but I wanted to share with you a little on my progress and a set back I had. For the first 2 1/2 to 3 weeks things were going extremely well. My recooperation was going much much faster than the doctors predicted. Then, last week on Tuesday or Wednesday, (I cannot remember) I was released and planned to return to work this coming Monday. Well, then came along Thursday and nausea set in. Then Diahrea, etc. I had little to no appetite and was constantly going to the bathroom etc. I could not check e-mail or anything because the computer screen made me sick. Friday I began bleeding so Kristen took me back to the hospital. After countless tests, catscans, and 15 hours in the hospital I came home. I slept for the most part Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night and awoke this morning. Of course, there were times in there that I was up for an hour here or there. There is some concern that my descending AORTA is now beginning to tear. The ASCENDING AORTA is the one that ruptured and they fixed. The doctor that looked at the catscan spoke to my Cardiac Thorascic surgeon from the hospital Friday and I now have to go back to the Cardiac Surgeon on Tuesday for his review of the catscan. I hope it is negative and I can resume "normal" activity as per last week and return to work. I was wondering if maybe some AMSOIL SERIES 2000 RACING TWO-CYCLE OIL added to the diet may help slicken' things up a bit?

If I have to go through another surgery like that again I do not know if I can handle it, nor could I put Kristen through it. Unfortunately, Friday, when I got word of this I suffered a panic attack which is something totally foreign to me. VERY SCARY STUFF! Some depression has since set in, but I am trying to keep my mind occupied in the mean time. Some of you have called in the last few days and I have been bad about getting back to you. I will try to do so today. I have either been totally drugged up and out of it, or have just not wanted to speak to anyone. I am sorry, please do not take it personal. I just wanted everyone to know so you did not think I was blowing you off. Thank you to everyone for all of your thoughts and concern.

As always, an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks go out to some of my very closest of friends whom I consider family:

Hot Boat and his wife Jessica
Tantrum and the NJ Firecracker Christine
excavator, minime and Rachel

I am now off to TARGET with Kristen to get out of the house and get some exercise. Catch you cats later!

Oh, check out this SICK AZZ VIDEO!

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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

time will heal you, you can't rush time...
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Shane when you feel up to it give me a call. I remember I also hated getting calls when I was sick so I have not wanted to bother ya. Keep your chin up buddy you WILL get through all this and be stronger then before and have a much different outlook on life I am sure. Hang in there good buddy and you do know that your snow mobil will rust out if it does not get used so I will swing by when ever you are ready
Put your best foot forward!
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Take care and know that many of us here are pulling for you. I know about the phone thing. I remember that after my surgery the vibratinon from my vocal cords caused pain. Listen to the doctors and do whatever it takes to get well.
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Try cutting back on watching the porn and start watching some more Martha Stewart

Get well soon buddy! We're all prayin for ya!
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Just keep on it, don't take anything for granted and check all "strange" feelings. Kristen is strong, don't even think about it, she would be far better with these setbacks than the alternative. I sure wish I was closer and could help but you have plenty of Family and OSO folks near by. I had a panic attach after an MRI once, man was that a scare, I swear it was a hear attach but the tests say no. Just hang in there and by all means tell us; talking it out is the best form of therepy. I had never had a panic attach, I know it was a combination of my Divorce, the tube and thinking I needed surgery for my back. I didn't but it was a mountian of worry that caused it. Hang tough, I am here for ya, just let me know how I can help. Good thing old yeller is around, they can feel these things and I bet she is great comfort (second to your wife of course ) Keep her close, just petting her can reduce a ton of stress, If I didn't have mine I would be a wreck. Here she is to help you remember
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Keep getting better Shane. NK
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Take your time and do this one the right way Shane. It's not a race!!

I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Default Re: Hello is an update on me


Don't worry about the panic attack. I got whiplash in a car accident about six months ago. It still has not fully healed. I was reading about what can go wrong with your neck on the web because I still had pain, how the nerves for the entire lower body pass through the vertebrae, can get pinched, and can require surgery. Next thing I knew, I was extremely light headed, and had to make a quick exit to the bathroom, because I thought I was going to throw up. This happened to me, and my situation was far less serious than yours. I have a theory that mechanical kinds of guys like us, are not too use to this "body stuff". Fixing a body is not like fixing a boat.

Also, do whatever you can to get your spirits up. It has been proven that the body heals much faster when you have a positive outlook. Turn on the comedy channel, review fun times in your life, talk to friends, pray, have friends pray for you...I know it sounds silly, but it has been shown to work. The mind is very powerful.

Good luck! We're pulling for you!

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Default Re: Hello is an update on me

Speedy,,,safe recovery for you... and don't get in a hurry!!

Be safe bro and heal up..don't hesitate to call if you need something!!

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