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Shipping outdrive

Old 12-15-2004, 05:34 AM
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Default Shipping outdrive

Looking for suggestions on the best way to ship separated Bravo upper/lower to Max Machine in Havasu from Toledo. I am tired of UPS (oops!) dropping my expensive items and denying responsibility for damage.

A couple years ago, they destroyed an original '67 Corvette bolt-on rim when they dropped it and broke a large piece off the bead. After inspection, they denied responsibility, stating that "it was not packed properly". The sender had to eat the cost. I have one of only 720 documented '67 Corvettes equipped from the factory with these wheels. There are not alot of them left in the world.

I've had lower units sent from Max Machine on two different occasions by UPS. The tips of the nosecones were flattened on BOTH from being dropped.

When I took an empty Bravo lower housing to the UPS Store for shipping, the rocket scientist at the counter drops the box onto a concrete floor from waist level RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! After hearing a loud thud, she has the balls to tell me I didn't pack it properly.

I'm tired of these overpaid low-life idiots destroying my stuff!

Anyone have experience with DHL?

What about shipping on a pallet with a trucking line? How "secure" would this item have to be to prevent damage/theft?

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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

My company is the largest shipper of UPS in Ottawa County. They incessently lose and damage product. The max award they pay without insurance is $100.00. And you have to fight for that.

We also use DHL and Fedex on a very limited basis becasue of their service is not as user friendly for us as UPS. (hours of pick up, we are in that one remote area that they slightly mention at the end of their ads).

Anytime we ship something expensive, fragile or marginally large for UPS we use common carrier. If you have something to ship LTL and do not have the ability to package etc you can bring it to the metropolis of Oak Harbor and we will ship it for you. Charge would be cost of pallet or any special packaging other than just std stuff we have laying around and exact freight cost.
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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

A friend of mine has switched to Fed Ex. Seems better than UPS and way cheaper Big block heads(iron) NJ to CA $98 UPS...$46 FedEx
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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

I've had good luck with FED EX and "common carrier". Something like that I'd build a box, "lock" it in place, and ship common carrier.

RD, what do you have for a 67' Vette, my all time favorite Vette. Have a friend in NY that has an all original 67' L-88 with less than 40 thousand miles on it. Only takes it out when radar says no rain within three thousand miles.

The car is in unreal condition, showroom and I mean absolutely showroom new condition. He keeps it on a lift in his garage so he can detail the undercarriage after every time it gets driven. One of the two best sounding vehicles I've ever heard.

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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

I have shipped many parts via UPS including drives, drive cases, props and alum. heads as well.

I only had one somewhat bad experience where the package that the heads were shipped in, looked like it was broken open and retaped. But no damage to the heads.

I think, no matter who you ship with, you must pack your product in anticipation of it being mishandled. lots of bubble wrap, peanuts, foam, ect ect. If you go with a common carrier and ship on a pallet, It may take longer depending on the shippers schedules.

For your Separated bravo, pack all your gears in separate box and wrap them all up. wrap up your cases in heavy bubble wrap, surrounded by crumble news paper or packing paper, which has some cushion to it.

I would also recommend insurance.
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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

We ship stuff out LTL all the time. Secure the drives to a small pallet and they will pick them up with a lift, not by hand. At least if the mess it up, it will be destroyed!!! and buy the insurance!
Russ C.
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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

Wrapped and strapped down to a pallet. Common Carrier LTL.

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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

Sorry for my ignorance. what does LTL stand for?
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Default Re: Shipping outdrive

I had a Bravo drive shipped from Florida to NJ, via UPS and it arrived damaged. When I had to send it back, I brought it to UPS waited on line for 1/2 hour and then UPS decided to open it up. Then they tell me they will not ship it, bla bla bla...
I then went to Fedex/Kinkos sent it via Fedex and it took a few minutes, (I did have to retape the box. ) Cost was less than a $100.00 with insurance.
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Default Re: Shipping outdrive


LTL "Less Than Truckload"

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