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Yup, We're Done.

Old 01-08-2005, 10:14 AM
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Jim, I've never met you but I am sorry that inconsiderate people have soured you on this addiction we all have.

Last (04') year's New Year's Day Fun Run, I was having problems with water in my carb bowls. The boat would run find but when it got bouncing around, water would get sucked off the bottom of the bowl and kill the motor. At least eight, maybe nine people stopped to ask if they could help and one, a 42 Fountain, offered to idle the rest of the way to Mar Vista alongside to be sure we made it. I assured him we would be there in time and to go on, if I had any trouble I'd radio in. They said okay, and they called us on the radio at least six times over the next 45 minutes just to check on us. So there still are good people left. Maybe you will consider just taking a time out, (no you don't have to go sit in a corner, LOL) and come back in the future. All the best to you and your wife. Russ
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Too bad.... I know Mary and you will have a great time in your new pastime, whatever it becomes.

Remember when you throw your clubs throw them in front of you so you don't have to walk back to get them.

I'm going to miss dancing with Mary!
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Old 01-08-2005, 10:41 AM
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

very sorry to hear this: i met you two times both times at sabers shop 1 at the old shop and once at the new shop. you were great to talk to and treated me like a friend each time. i always enjoyed seeing your boat in the shop or kicking butt on the water. the porker runs need more people like you guys.
thanks todd
ps: grand haven is no wake to the end of the channel ha ha
my best to you and your wife
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Old 01-08-2005, 11:21 AM
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Jim and Mary are two of the NICEST people I know. I've known them for about 10 years now. I have heard the WHOLE story from Jim and it really is a sore deal from a bunch of people that have lost all of my respect and in my opinion have slightly tarnished an ICON. I know of other people out there that are like the people he mentions, I guess it is people with "NEW MONEY" that just buy there way in the don't have respect for people that have either been doing this along time or are just barley able to have a nice boat. They go out and spend 300G's on a new boat and think they are king $hit. Well they can go screw themselves. I say this all the time , in boating and racing , when there little trip into performance boating is over be it because the stock drops or they get run out of town, I'll still be here because this is all I have ever wanted to do. I am suer the Dietz's will be back , once it's in your blood you can't turn away too long.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

so what about wicked 2 and isn't there a 3rd??
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Old 01-08-2005, 11:27 AM
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

sad to hear but i hate to say that i do understand what you mean. certainly hope to see you around. it is always a pleasure and lots of fun. last year at the LEOPA run, after i got done painting my boat, one of the best compliments i got was from you and Mary. lets face it my rides at the bottom of the food chain in this sport . but i thought it was very cool when you didnt recognize it until Mary pointed it out as you were going by on one of the legs of that run. on the next stop you complimented me on the work i did, that was cool. an than i thought to myself ya know . . this is funny, heres a guy that runs 105 to my 65( if im lucky) an we still get the same charge out of the sport. i sometimes wonder if alot of people today even get that charge when its so easy to just plunk down cash and buy performance. its just not the same as working your way through years of trial and error. oh well, to each his own i guess, i'll never be the fastest guy because i'll never have a cat. dont like em dont like the way they feel, i'm a V hull guy. but as long as im on the water i'll always be the happiest. i'm sure you know what i mean. Hope to see you and Mary around, sometime i'd like to tag along with Meads on one of his runs to columbus maybe pop in an say hi. Take care.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

This is some sad news. I know how you feel though, I too have taken time away from poker runs. They just aren't fun like they once were. I wish ya'll would reconsider on selling the boat though, it's got so much of ya'll all over it, and I haven't got a ride yet . I wish ya'll the ALL THE BEST in whatever ya'll get into, and hopefully we can still hook-up in the Keys. And remember, YA'LL ARE ALWAYS WELCOME ON OUR BOAT ANYTIME!.

Robert & Demi
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Yeah .... this is tough to read even though I've known it was coming for some time ... The big "yella turd" is gonna find a new home , but I'm sure JD will still be terrorizing Sandusky bay and The Islands of Lake Erie with a vengence on the Concept "WickedTwo" .... As far friends go ... I am proud and lucky to count Jim and Mary at the TOP of my list !!!

Don't worry .... there won't be no big yellow SeaRays runnin around anytime soon I can guarantee that !!!

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Talking Re: Yup, We're Done.

Un-acceptable,,,This post should be poofed we cannot accept the direction you are taking-- You need intervention this is why we don't have 46 Skaters

and Stef and I agree with what you have stated!! Offshore Boaters need to realize its all about the water and friends,,, its about the good times...

I Ont know who is going to watch out for Capt O,,, time will tell

However ,,, the Sun always shines on Sandusky Bay,, and we will still watch Lenny Dock at the Casino ,,, and go to the Sand Bar,,, and enjoy friends that understand,,,

See Ya this Spring,,,

RHC and Stef
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Remember when you throw your clubs throw them in front of you so you don't have to walk back to get them.

LOL,One of the guys at work threw his clubs in a pond at the course. Then he had to swim after them because he realized his car keys were in one of the pockets. Boats are much more relaxing.
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