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Yup, We're Done.

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Yep, I got the word a few days ago myself. Brutal.....

He's right though. There's hardly a "were boating" attitude anymore. It's all about money and paint jobs to ALOT of the new generation. Not all, but alot.

I think you will see it turn a full circle though. The guys with attitude aren't boaters at heart, and will become bored with it soon. Hell most of them can't even drive their own boat, it's all about the show to them. They will find somewhere else to go when no one notices anymore.

Not many of the boats these days impress me anymore. WickedWon damn sure does. Thank god I got to ride that horse before she gets sold.

Well it's not like Jim and Mary are dying! I look forward to a booze cruise on WickedTwo.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Originally Posted by Madcow
I think thats the PERFECT boat for Dan.
I was thinking the same thing, I remember Karen saying to me "we really are Saber people"
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Very sad to read indeed. Right now I couldn't think of getting out of boating. It's my way to escape everydaylife and find total relaxation and peace. The great times are many, the bad times are few and far.

Kinda ironic, that it is other boaters that cause the most grief. I just don't understand.

Good luck with your next adventure.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Originally Posted by Ms PatriYacht
I was thinking the same thing, I remember Karen saying to me "we really are Saber people"

We are definately Saber people, but the "cost of ownership" would waaaaaaayyyyy too much for me.


Donna and Ian see ya in a couple of weeks
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

I don't know you either, but I can respect your decision and wish you and your wife the best in your future endeavors. WickedWon is at the top of the line when it comes to bad a$$ boats.

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Cool Guys, Best wishes and just think about all the extra money you will have kicking around now.... what's next?
Have fun....!
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

I'm shocked by this. Wicked Won has always been my favorite boat on Oso, and Jim has always been a voice of reason in this sport. Although Jim wasn't much into posting, whenever I saw his name on a thread, I knew it would be something worth reading.

I wish you would reconsider, but if not, best of luck to you and your wife on your future endeavors.

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Post Re: Yup, We're Done.

I have never met this couple, but i would think by the time Spring rolls around, this thread should have them back out on the water.

You can't let a few bad boater's ruin your sport. That's letting them control you. They were probably just jealous...

I've been in a few Poker Runs in the little 13 footer and whenever I saw someone stopped I always did a drive by to see if there was anything I could do. Sure no one was going to be seen in a large offshore boat being towed in by me, but most times they would just hold up their cell phone and wave me on.

You always have to think, "Hey, one day that could be me."

The thing that bothers me about the one story you posted was they circled you then left from what I gather they weren't there to help.

Ok, you were lucky it was a mechanical problem. But suppose you were stopped because one of your passengers was having medical problems. Then it's dead serious to have help immediately.

I have been fortunate to hook up with NJPPC and the courteousness of its members have been great.

Whenever a newcomer arrives, we make sure they know and follow the rules.

They are the club's 10 Commandments which are extremely easy Common Sense Rules.

The saying goes, "Don't embarrass the club so the club doesn't have to embarrass you!"

Wicked Won, You both sound like great people. This is my pledge to ask you to stay...

Thank you for supporting our sport of Offshore!

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Best of luck to you guys, I hope you'll be back soon. Your boat is awesome! Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch

I know everyone in the Poker Runs around Mentor, Ohio would always stop to help someone who needed help. Although, them damn Saber's are always so far out in front they would have to circle around to help anyone else. It's sad to hear something like that happens, best of luck to both of you,


Remember this picture...
Attached Thumbnails Yup, We're Done.-victory.jpg  
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Wow kramer that's a classic shot. I have never seen that one before nice pic.

Dan (the greasy wop in front bolster)
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Quick Reply: Yup, We're Done.

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