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Yup, We're Done.

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Jim, I've only met you and Mary a couple of times at Casino and greatly enjoyed the conversation, I hope to continue seeing you even with the CC. Best of luck selling the Saber, she is a true one of a kind and I'm sure isn't easy to let go of. There are still alot of us that love the sport and would do anything for a fellow boater.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Wow that is a bummer. Our sport needs guys like you in it, and less of guys like the ones that did the dougnut. I think you will have a hard time staying away. Good luck with your things.

If you want to see the good look at all the people that wanted to help me out when I was down and out after getting Hullbushed. There were huge offers and it made me really feel good about things again.

Put your best foot forward!
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

I wanna know who did the donut...
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

I also have never met you guys. But I know your reputation around here and I know a beautiful boat when I see one. It will truely be a loss to the sport if you guys do give it up for good. Dont let the actions of a few spoiled pricks deter you from the joy of the sport. Most of the boating I do here in Pittsburgh is solo. Most of my friends here have express cruisers and smaller runabout speedboats. So I dont get to run with too many of the local-gofasts. But I would not give it up. Even when running by myself. Its just you, the boat and the water. What else do you need.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Originally Posted by cuda
I'm shocked by this. Wicked Won has always been my favorite boat on Oso, and Jim has always been a voice of reason in this sport. Although Jim wasn't much into posting, whenever I saw his name on a thread, I knew it would be something worth reading.

I wish you would reconsider, but if not, best of luck to you and your wife on your future endeavors.

Exactly my thoughts.

Jim and Mary, while I've never met you I can tell from your time on OSO and from what others say about you that you are the epitome of what this sport should be. It's understandable but sad to hear your leaving.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Originally Posted by Half Nutz
Wow kramer that's a classic shot. I have never seen that one before nice pic.

Dan (the greasy wop in front bolster)
Those Saber's like to hang back at the beginning of the run and come screaming past all the other boats, then circle around and do it again...Fast
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Although I have never met you, I have always looked forward to meeting up with you and/or yours on the water somewhere. Your boat is one of the TRUE classics still out there.
In these days of 70k paint jobs, and gee whiz gizmo's thrown all over the dash (I can think of one iconic brand headed that way in a BIG hurry), it is refreshing to see a boat that actually looks like it might stay together in the big stuff!
I had the pleasure of docking a few spaces away from Parnell's boat this summer, and let me tell you, that thing STOLE the show!!!

We boat at LOTO a lot, and I can relate very well to some of the experiences others have shared here. I have always had good luck with people stopping to see if we needed anything, but I have seen boater of all types drive right by a pontoon or bass boat PLENTY of times. It seems people think that if the stranded boat is somehow "less" than theirs, they don't deserve help.

I personally have stopped on at least three different occasions in my Cigarette to see if the rental pontoon needed help. All three were out of gas and had someone on the way.

I figure what goes around comes around, and one of these days, I will need help too. I live for my time on the water, and I can't imagine anyone or anything getting in the way of it. I just don't let other peoples actions affect my own.
I hope you reconsider your decision and place the priority of your life with YOU and YOUR time, not letting some @sshole change your lifestyle. they're not worth it.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Originally Posted by Corrado
Jim, best of luck in all your endeavors.

The incident you speak of took place at Smoke on the Water? I wonder who the boater was that pulled that little stunt? or the make, model and description please.

Best Regards
Tommy L.

pix taken by me.
That's us there. Good pic Tommy.

I remember the dude who circled us. Not cool. I'm not saying who it was, doesn't matter. It's the principle.

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

I hope you stay with us on O.S.O. , I enjoyed reading your posts.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Jim and Mary this cant be true who going to loan me a life vest in the middle of lake michigan?Hope to see you at the races stop by and say high- take a big breath of the 110,its in your blood.see you soon Tom
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