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Yup, We're Done.

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

WOW, finally got a chance to check the board last night and we were amazed by the concern and truly humbled. Let me first thank everyone who posted and then I'll try and answer some questions.

No we're not moving to "cruisers" we've owned several in the past ( besides the best cruiser is somebody else's .....Tonto ? )

We will actually be on the water more using our other boats ( trying to wear out or blow up some Yamaha's, so far the Yam's are winning )

On the PR front, I brought some of this on myself by building a boat to run up front and then actually doing it ( vs. talking about it) NO ONE on this board or anywhere else has ever heard me talk about the hundreds of serious boats WickedWon has passed over the years, CAUSE IT DOESN'T MATTER ! Half-Nutz ( Dan) has been my eyes and Mary has been my common sense, at runs Dan would point out boats in front of us and we'd run them down one at a time cause that's when this boats happy. People ask how fast it is I always reply " I don't know, it always goes as fast as necessary to catch or stay in front of other V bottoms " the things just got heart. I love being in that " zone" where I'm totaly focused on getting the most out of it for the conditions, I've got Dan's eyes on the horizon ( and navigating) and Mary's "eyes" keeping me from getting to close to the edge. Unfortunately this eventually made us a target for some people who don't understand that this is all about fun and does it really matter anyway ? I mean really, why take this so seriously ( I'm not refering to the safety aspect) it's just a bunch of guys and their toys that we drag out on an occasional Saturday ! The "donut" event was no big deal ( hell I know the guy pretty well !) and by no means was it "the" reason, it's just that for Mary and I to show up at run, if just a few people have a bad attitude toward us because of our boat, well, this is all about fun and just a couple of wrong words can ruin a weekend for people like us, it's not our nature. And yes it's mostly new people who aren't boaters, many of which can barely cleat a line ( BTW new people joining the sport and learnig is a pleasure, but cause you wrote a BIG check doesn't make you knowledgeable), that same group is more interested in how many colors they have on a handrail than how much fun it is just to get together and share the "luv" of this silly addiction.

I guess the point is, there is a fine line with the amount of work, logistics (kids) and dollars it takes to be involved with Offshore events and it's easily spoiled by a few, hopefully people will understand how fragile the commitment can be at this level and go back to " run what ya brung " and then lets have a beer!

Thanks everyone we'll be around with our "fishboat" as some would call it, but not at events.

Jim & Mary

BTW for those that want a T shirt, e-mail Mary at ( sorry they're all gone) she'll send ya one till they're gone ( we've shipped these thing all over the country, and a couple to Europe over the years) yes they're free, we've always been flattered that someone would want one, like the boat "they ain't pretty"....go figure.

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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Best of luck to you both.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

"hopefully people will understand how fragile the commitment can be at this level and go back to " run what ya brung " and then lets have a beer!"

Now this is the true boaters attitude, Its about having fun with friends and being on the water.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

If anyone thinks this stops Jim from pontificating about straight hull v bottoms you are crazy. A couple of cocktails and he will expound on the requirements of rough water driving, #6's or the virtues of straight hulled resin buckets. Lest we forget, Wicked Two is very sweet. Having said that, a few thing do make me a little sad.
I have always thought it was cool that WW kicked so much azz and Jim never said who or when. They just knew that they had been kicked by ww and life went on. It seems to me that Jim and Jerry always had a great time running each other down, LEOPAJM's saber being one of the few boats Jim ever admitted to having a hard time beating, although he did. These two ran together alot, kidded each other a lot, drank alot, both have hot wifes they have no business being with and they ran together in hard stuff, side by side, alot. Jerry is building a new saber that will give ww a great run and I have been looking forward to watching these two run these two sweet rides together for the last six months.(from way behind of course) Every time I'm at saber I laugh with the Geelhoeds about JD doing special exercises to stay finely tuned for the big showdown. The best part is that they would have gone out on a rough day when everything was finally ready on Jerry's boat, maybe sotw, and they would have tried to kick each others azzes and when they were done they would have laughed, served a cocktail and talked about the ride without any fanfare or ego, regardless of the outcome. Just two good freinds driving 2 sweet rides like offshore is for a lot of us. I know ww will sell to some lucky person but I hope you get one run with Jerry first, for both your sakes. I would hate to loose my wingman, Primal Instinct and I bet Jerry hates loosing you.
You can always ride with me and see what Jerry's boat looks like from the back. How long will you enjoy that view? Consider this my invite for a resin bucket ride in SOTW I will look forward to seeing Mary and you out this summer. Parnell

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Unhappy Re: Yup, We're Done.

Sorry to see you leave the sport. I have enjoyed seeing your boat on here from the beginning. It is truly a beautiful boat. Lets hope the person that buys it has the same respect for people, and the boat that you do.
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Thats a great post Nauti Kitty....
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Jim and Mary,
I have always considered it an honor that you all have been so gracious in your friendship and so forthcoming in your counsel towards myself and Angela.
I do agree with many of the sentiments expressed that the nature, tenor, and taste of the Offshore Community has changed over time. In someways not so good. In otherways it's the same thing with a newer generation of wannabes.
But I would like to note that the presence of websites such as this one that have also done wonders to make the experience that we all enjoy more accessible to many who would not have had a chance to observe and participate. And perhaps in thier observations they have missed a lot of what I have had the chance to learn "on the docks" as some might say. I've mentioned it before but I feel that it bears saying again. The boats and all are great but it really is the relationships and friendships that we get a chance to make while we enjoy our hobby that really make it all worth while for me. I think that those are the real benefits and one of the greatest reasons that I enjoy offshore so much.
I hope to see you out on the water again in the future and as long as you and the family are enjoying it. It really does not matter what kind of boat your in.
Robert Shin
a.k.a. Rice Hauler
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

we have never met them but by what everyone says it sure seems like they were a1a class people good luck in whatever yall do and hopefully yall change your minds so we can meet one day. don't let spoiled apples spoil yall everything there bad in everything but in our sport there's a lot more good then bad, or else it wouldn't gotten to where it's at now

donz jr mike
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

Hey Jim & Mary,

Never met you folks, but I've been reading posts and checking out pics of your boats for a while. Enjoyed the posts while you purchased of the 36 Concept WW2 right through delivery Sorry you've been disenchanted about the whole deal. I just purchased a 35 Mistress from Watervliet/South Haven, MI and if it wasn't December I would have dropped it in and run the lakes and maybe met up with good folks like yourselves. I've never got to run in a lake, always salt, east coast born and raised, bays, oceans in NJ and FLA are all I've had the chance to cruise. Hopefully the day I do get to drop in any of the Great Lakes up there in the Michigan area you 2 will still be there smiling in WW2 or ... ?????? LOL

Best Regards,
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Default Re: Yup, We're Done.

I just don't get it... I have been boating since I was old enough to sit on my Dad's lap, and I was ALWAYS taught to stop and check on a boat dead in the water, cuz one day I may need the same. This past summer on our lake, I had our new Donzi Classic out for it's first run and I had a trim tab stick in the down position on me. I stopped, opened the hatch to fix it, and in the 10 min. it took me to do so, (4) - yes FOUR boats stopped and asked my wife and I if we were ok and did we need any help!? We were off the beaten path too, so it's not like 100 boats drove by us in the process. That is what it "should" be all about, the camaraderie, fun and sportsmanship no matter the place or the circumstances.

Although I have never met you guys, I have read many great stories and heard plenty of good things about you both! I can see the need for a change of pace and scenery, regardless of the circumstances - it does a person good.

I have always put that boat on the top of my list of favs, anywhere - I hope you find a good home for it, as I am sure it was not an easy decision to make.

Best of luck to you both, (enjoy the Concept!)

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