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Boat Rules

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Default Boat Rules

1. Always offer money for gas, not bad to have a badass boat, a driver, and all the watertoys that go along with it for the day. This does not even cover the cost of gas for the boat, plus there is so much more maintenance, insurance, trailer tags, boat storage, registration, and gas for the truck to get the boat to the Lake.
2. Always offer to clean the boat. Cleaning usually means wiping down the boat at the end of the day, but if you are a regular you should volunteer to do more. On the days when it is blown out come over and help wax, or clean the interior. Maybe show up one day with some cleaner because that stuff is expensive to.
3. Never invite someone else to come along without first talking to the boat owner, unless she is hot, I mean real hot, and donít bring her boyfriend.
4. Never ride first unless you are told by the owner to go. The owner gets to choose whether or not he wants the first glass. More often then not he will defer to someone else.
5. Never let the owner go last. He has to have his fun too.
6. Always volunteer to drive, or at least try to learn if you are a regular boat whore.
7. Watch what you bring in the boat. Doritos and Cheetos taste great, but having them rubbed in the carpet is not. Also, finding a Dorito 2 weeks later that is hidden by something is not pleasant. No RED SODA or drinks
8. Always take off your shoes when getting in the boat, even if the owner does not. It is his investment to treat the way that he wants, not yours. Try to not step on the seats, sometimes you can not help it but try.
9. Bring something to drink (not necessarily beer but highly encouraged). Water and Cokes and stuff, but only cans. Never bring glass.
10. If you can only be there for 30 minutes, and then you have to leave, do not bother coming. There are very few things worse then having to stop and take someone back to the dock. Also, it kills the riding time.
11. Do not ride for more then 15 minutes, just be conservative and everyone will get another chance. Everybody else in the boat has to ride too, but if the owner wants to ride for 40 minutes let him. It is his boat and he can.
12. If children are invited, my rules apply (under my roof, my rules). Don't even cherish the thought of letting the lil' ones run amok. Tell your kids not to touch the cool buttons on the dashboard.
13. When sleeping-over, bring your sleeping bag or own linens.
14. Don't mess with the boats stereo unless youíre asked.
15. Dress appropriately, non-markings shoes without heels, etc etc etc, warmer clothing once the sun sets......skimpy thong bikinis if you are so inclined, naked is good (women only!) (Speedos are always wrong for men - don't bring your banana hammock on anyoneís boat)
16. Stay seated until the boat is completely docked - everyone's first instinct is to stand up when we're close but there may be nothing you can do other than get in the way while those with lines are trying to get through - usually trying to make my lame attempt to dock look good
17. Bring your own cooler and not a 70 gallon one, unless it filled with beer...

Well, all that said, letís go have some fun, See you on the water.
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Default Re: Boat Rules

#1 - why can't our carp friends figure this one out?

#16 - a on!

#18 (new) - don't ask if you can have no clue what you are doing.

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Default Re: Boat Rules

If meeting at the dock:

BE ON TIME.........
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Default Re: Boat Rules

I'm printing it and taping it to the lift.
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Default Re: Boat Rules

I will take the plastic bottles over cans for the Non beer drinks,
you can reseal them.
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Default Re: Boat Rules

Originally Posted by Formula Outlaw
If meeting at the dock:

BE ON TIME.........
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Default Re: Boat Rules

You forgot one very important rule:
#19- No fat chicks in BIKINI"S!!!! That should be rules #1.
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Default Re: Boat Rules

#20 Dont bring the biech from heil wich ya either!
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Default Re: Boat Rules

#21 BE ON TIME or don't accept the invitation.....'cause I aint waitin on your ass!
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Default Re: Boat Rules

Originally Posted by rush
#20 Dont bring the biech from heil wich ya either!

Hell yea, nothin worse than a couple arguing, I told one girl one time that if she didnt stop being such a b!tch to everyone she was going overboard, we woond up dropping her off and my buddy broke up with her the next week.
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